Under Her Black Wings


Portall / Elburg / The Netherlands

Biography                                                                                                                 Portall started in 2003 in Zwolle, The Netherlands. But when their second guitarist decided to quit and they recruited replacement, the musical style changed a lot and all material and recordings were flushed. Portall 2.0 released a demo already in April 2003, resulting in a range of gigs.

In 2004 Portall won the Metalbattle, a metalband competition, which gave them the opportunity to record their first EP titled "In The Absence Of Light". The 5 track counting EP was well received by metalheads and media. In 2005 Portall reached the finals of Aardschok's (Hollands leading metal magazine) Metalbash. Portall's straight forward trash metal worked out pretty well, because they ended second place, just one point short of winning.

2006 and 2007 brought a lot of touring, based on the EP and both successful metalband competitions. Late 2007 Portall signs a record deal with Under Her Black Wings. The band now starts focusing more on writing a killer debut album "Code Black". Portall releases the debut album "Code Black" on January 31st 2009.

Rutger Wildeman - Guitar / Vocals
Peter Haverkamp - Lead Guitar
Jeroen v/d Kamp - Drums
Jeffrey Wennekes - Bass



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