Under Her Black Wings

Next Waste Dimension

Next Waste Dimension / Deventer / The Netherlands

Blending heavy guitars with modern dance. Only few bands dare to do it, even fewer are able to make it work. With "Rewire Reality" Next Waste Dimension (NWD) prove they can pull it off. And how! On this debut NWD shows how to perfectly blend metal, dance and industrial in a way it sounds both natural and refreshing. But NWD is more than just music. NWD is a multimedia platform where music, lyrics and video all come together.

NWD blend metal with contemporary dance music and enhance this on stage with a spectacular video show. Early 2000 NWD make a start when Jorik, Rikkert and Niels decide to form a groovy metal band. Right from the start they came up with their unprecedented symbiosis. NWD's heavy guitar sound is a contra weight that balances the layers of melodies and sounds, which are supported by the powerful rhythm section. Aggressive vocals convincingly express the (self)-critical lyrics.

In 2006 NWD made an important decision. Had the band already produced several video shows back in 2004, in 2006 the band decides to recruit VJ Jeroen Traanman as a permanent band member. His on-stage VJ show makes a NWD performance 'entertainment for all senses' in which video seamlessly match the atmosphere and lyrical themes of the songs.

NWD is well-known for their energetic live performances. The band has shared national and international stages with Peter Pan Speedrock, Trouble, Epica, Crowbar, The Dillenger Escape Plan and Machine Head. To name but a few. November 2003 NWD played a 1500+ crowd of metalheads during the final round of Aardschok's Metal Bash. July 2005 NWD was one of the closing acts of the Metal Ways Festival in Madrid, Spain. Summer 2007 NWD will do a 2 week tour in and around Sibiu (Romania) by special invitation to perform and give workshops during the European Capital Of Culture festivities.

"Rewire Reality" (Under Her Black Wings, 2007)

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