Under Her Black Wings

Label introduction
Under Her Black Wings is the new outlet of Freebird Records. Because Freebird Records is spreading her wings and casting a new dark shadow over the musical landscape! Just like Freebird Records, Under Her Black Wings is intended as a platform for ambitious bands with good metal music to present themselves to a wider audience.
Freebird Records is a small label from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It all started in the early 90's, but things got serious when we switched to CD releases in 1998. We're bringing mainly heavy groove rock (sludge, stoner, retro, cosmic, psychedelic, acid and space kinds of rock), but we like to surprise everyone by bringing music that is just a bit different.
But sometimes you'll hit something complete different: a good band, great music, but it's not stoner. We started to do something about it, and to make clear that it is something completely different we founded Under Her Black Wings! Quality is the key word, with our eagle eyes we look sharp for new possibilities!

Next Waste Dimension 
With "Rewire Reality" Under Her Black Wings releases one of the most surprising albums of 2007. This much anticipated debut is packed with ingenious bass lines, crushing riffs, tight drums and a variety of synth parts that define the autonomy and creativity of Next Waste Dimension. What really sets the band apart from others is their ability to mix metal with trance, techno and industrial while always keeping the focus on writing genuine songs. But Next Waste Dimension is more than just music. Next Waste Dimension is a multimedia platform where music, lyrics and video all come together.

The debut album of Apocrypha: grand theatrical black metal with the appropriate clear production, that sums up "The Summit Of Creation" pretty accurately. Both guitar and bass are almost constantly guided by atmospheric electronics. Some nice aggressive pounding escorts the whole ensemble. Get submerged now...

"Code Black". What else do we need to say about this debut full length from this metal band from Elburg? They kicked ass in many rock and metal battles, and now they can kick your ass at home. Dark thrash metal. Do we need to say more? I didn't think so, let your ears be the judge of this...

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