Sometimes we come across releases, that need some more attention. Even though our logo is not on it, and we (usually) had nothing to do with the realisation of these discs, we treat them the same as our own offspring. On this the bands related to some adoptions, that are still available. 

Borgo Pass

Borgo Pass / Baldwin NY/ USA

Powerful heavy rock laced with melodic, and dynamic grooves is how New York's Borgo Pass describes their sound. As a five piece band formed in the mid 90's, Borgo Pass has built themselves a large loyal fan base with their grooving infectious sound.

The band has shared the stage with the likes of Type O Negative, SuperJoint Ritual, Clutch, Kittie, Kings X, The Misfits, Unida, Dokken, Biohazard and many more.


Cereal / Haarlem / The Netherlands

Cereal was founded in 1998 and plays a mixture of heavy melodies and grooving riffs. Along the way the four-piece band from Haarlem (NL) got their influences from bands like Soundgarden, Queens Of The Stone Age and Deftones.
Cereal has opened for Karma To Burn (USA), The Awesome Machine (SE), The Quill (SE) and Fu Manchu (USA), to name a few. They have appeared on national radio (3FM, Leidsekade Live) and have been very succesful in regional rock bands contests in 2003 as well.

Elektrik Mistress

Elektrik Mistress

Elektrik Mistress are a heavy-melodic power house fronted by singer / guitar player Kurt Kuthe. Focusing on heavy guitar driven songs and melodic vocals gliding within the groove.
Their self titled CD was produced and mixed by legendary producer Terry Brown (Rush, The Who, Cream). Elektrik Mistress has already sold over 3000 copies of this debut over the last year, having completed a successful tour of the Eastern United States.


Frame / Arboga / Sweden

Robert Westin - Vocals
Kristian Kallio - Guitars
Andreas Ragnarsson - Drums
Fredrik Olsson - Bass

In the beginning of the 90's there was a band called Soul Desertion, that started rehearsing in a big cement silo in a small mid-eastern city in Sweden called Arboga. 3 of the 5 present members of Frame were in that band. In 1997, after years of moving around the planet, the trio came together again and formed Frame. Their second demo and first EP release "A loco motive" was recorded in 2002. n 2003 the band canned its first full length.

Freedom Bleeder

Freedom Bleeder / Uppsala / Sweden

Having provided the opening track on our first ever CD release, many people have asked us when the debut album of Freedom Bleeder would arrive. It took long, very very long. But in spring 2005, the album that was already recorded in 2001, was released.

The band was formed in 1995 in Uppsala by Johan Haag, guitars, Henrik Renstrom, vocals and Gustav Grusell, bass. The intention: to play heavy rock inspired by bands like Kyuss and Monster Magnet. The band soon recorded a demotape, on which old friend Kim Nordberg played the drums. A few more followed in 1997 and 1998, which resulted in a split 7" with fellow Uppsala rockers Mugwumps and the opening track on "A Fist Full Of Freebird". The band signed a deal for two full-length albums with the London-based label Yperano Records '99. Those albums never came, because of a difference in artistic goals. After leaving Yperano, the band released a single titled "Breathing" on the Swedish label Molten Universe in January 2001. The first pressing of the record sold out quickly, both in Europe and in USA.

The recording for the debut full length started in 2001. But it became clear that Molten Universe had no room in their roster, because label mates Dozer took off like a rocket. Salvation came from France, where Paris based Water Dragon committed itself to the release. But that commitment faded when the album was ready to release in 2002. A cumbersome time started for the band: band members moving out of Uppsala and a ready-to-release album in the bag stopped the ongoing evolution.

Finally, in 2003 they decided to release the album themselves. It took until march 2005 to get it completely ready. With Freebird Records providing some promotional effort and distribution channels, rock fanatics around the planet will be able to enjoy this heavy grooving release. It has been on the shelves for too long and that led to the sad demise of this promising band.


Poseidotica / Buenos Aires / Argentina

Freebird has entered the path to South America once again, having signed Argentinas Poseidotica for their second full length release. It will be a co-production with Aquatalan Records.

The band formed in 2001 as a fully instrumental musical outlet with progressive, psychedelic, stoner, oriental, futristic and kraut rock ingredients. Or as the state themselves: "A partir del objetivo de crear un rock ambiental y pesado, cada integrante aporta su ingrediente personal para poder lograr un conjunto de climas oscuros y atmósferas densas que posibilitan un sutil viaje mental, contrastando momentos de total relajación con pasajes de inevitable furia. La ausencia de palabras y voces permite proyectar imágenes propias y liberar el pensamiento hacia regiones sensitivas inexploradas." I couldn't have explained it much better.

Hernan Miceli - Guitarra y Efectos
Martin Rodriguez - Bajo
Santiago Rua - Guitarra y Efectos
Federico Bramanti - Bateria

Aquatalan Records presents "Intramundo", the first album from Poseidotica. Over 45 minutes of heavy psychedelic rock, a conceptual masterpiece comprised of nine instrumental songs. The combination of epic-apocalyptic moments, under an aquatic and deep atmosphere, provides the record with a genuine sound. The album captures the bands live sound, including some science fiction and spaced jams and some hypnotic trance passages.

"Intramundo" has been recorded, mixed and mastered between January and April of 2005, and it counts with the collaboration of Walter Broide (Los Natas) who plays absolutely all the drums...

Scene Killer

Scene Killer / New Yersey / USA

Scene Killer is a musical document of the New Jersey rock scene, an album of songs co-written and recorded by members of every important group in the region. Featuring members of Solarized, Eternal Elysium, Six Sigma, Core, Burnout King, Iron Man, Drag Pack, Rotgut, The Clone Obey, Solace, The Lemmings, Daisycutter, Giant Sloth, The Atomic Bitchwax, The Ribeye Bros., Shovelhead, Halfway To Gone and Monster Magnet.

Smithwick Machine

Smithwick Machine / Birmingham, Alabama / USA

Smithwick Machine delivers a beating that began with the Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The New York Dolls, and T-Rex. Real punk, real blues, real hard!!! An Atlanta newspaper called them Led Pistols, because they're bluesy like Led Zeppelin with a punk vibe.
Their debut album "High Fashion Horsepower" (Blacklist Records, 1996) was soon followed by a self titled, self released EP in 1997. The track "2000 Mercy" made it to Freebird Records' first CD release. The 1999 EP "Dixie Witch" was adopted by Freebird Records. Since then the band has been in a "split up" / "together again" situation, but the Machine now seems to be the side project... 


Speedking / Heusden (Asten) / The Netherlands

Henk - Drums
Gijs - Bass
Ruud - Vocals
Willem - Guitar

In a small village near Eindhoven RockCity, it is Speedking who defeats the great honour of playing the rock 'n roll! Ever since the beginning Speedking somewhere in the 1990's has played with great Dutch bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, Spoiler, Candybar Planet and Astrosoniq. In september 2006 Speedking played their farewell tour.


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