Elephantum / Dronten / The Netherlands

Elephantum started in 1998 as a side project of Cosmic Insect. That band moved gradually from groovy doom tracks to a more ambient jazz based thing (still heavy, groovy and guitar based). But when Cosmic Insect went to Splitsville, it was promoted to the main thing, under the name of Sand... For their first demo "Transhuman Entity" (Sand, January 2001) they recruited Niels Keyzer for drums and Marc Fien for bass. Feedback on this demo was great!

When Marc left the band, sound-engineer Emiel van de Berg moved in, and in this line-up "Sedimentation" was recorded. Production improved a lot when Astrosoniq's Marcel van der Vondervoort started doing his thing with the raw recordings. The result is Elephantum's first official release. Just after recording, Elephantum was reduced to a duo. Freebird Records and the band waited for the new line up to be ready to release "Sedimentation". But under the new line-up the band evolved in another direction and wanted to get rid of the stoner stamp. So in the summer of 2005, Elephantum was dismantled and the members made a new start under the name of Oceana Company.

Guitar + vocals: Matthijs Herder
Guitar: Michiel Ferweda
Bass: Han Schilder
Drum: Jan-Willem Bakker

Quotes on "Transhuman Entity"
"Warm and fuzzy space rock in the vein of Lowrider and Natas." (Planet Fuzz)
"This is basically stoner/riff/space rock but with a bit of variety thrown in." (Roadburn)
"The keyword is psychedelia. Like in the long-drawn parts of Pink Floyd, strange contrasts within Queen, Massive Attacks triphop and the drooling guitars of Josh Homme." (Aardschok)


Kinch / Munich / Germany

Bass + vocals: Haris Turkanovic
Guitar: Zacki
Drum: Malte Minke

A three-piece formation from Munich (Germany) that made its first steps in April ´99 when Haris, Malte and Zacki were brought together by their common passion for stoner riffs & smooth vocals. As they say themselves: "Song structures are kept very simple without sufficient solos or extended jam-sessions. Everything is pretty much reduced to its bones, or more accurate... to the basics of groove." Check out their six songs on the Kinch vs Shard double EP CD, co-released with Daredevil Records from Germany.

Halfway 2001, Zacki left the band to concentrate on his (then) side-project Scoff. Early 2002 Malte followed his steps, leading to the end of Kinch as we know it. Haris continued the groove thing in a new line-up, and he was so honest to do that under a new name: Hainloose. They can be considered the heirs of Kinch... But both bands are releasing on Daredevil Records these days.


Loot / Utrecht / The Netherlands

Loot hails from Utrecht right in the heart of the Dutch lowlands and has been in prosperous existence for seven years. Today, Loot has developed a powerful and adventurous rocksound that is based on the distinctive musical backgrounds of the five members. Early 2007 the line-up fell apart and Loot is no longer existing as a band.

Founding members Ruud (drums) and JK (guitar) started jamming in search for new ways of adding heavy guitars to intense grooves. Their ideas gained more shape with the respective arrival of guitarist Jasper, singer Paul and bass player Lex.

Loot's sound is probably best described as stoner grunge / progressive rock with incidental escapades to metal and punk. Sources of inspiration include: Monster Magnet, Tool, Led Zeppelin, Kyuss and Bad Brains.

In November 2001, Loot released her first demo "Triple Platinum". Followed in 2003 by a new mini-CD "Into The Light". This one was recorded with Corno at the famous Next to Jaap Studios. It resulted in a great review in leading Dutch music magazine OOR, among other things.

The start of 2004 was marked by two major happenings: first bass player Lex leaving the band, and then signing a deal with Freebird Records for the debut album. That one is now available under the title "Big Fish"!

Slow Horse

Slow Horse / New York City NY / USA

Making people vomit since 1997
Slow Horse was founded in 1997 by New York City vocalist/guitarist Dan Bukszpan. Taking cues from such bands as the Swans, Codeine, Low, and Black Sabbath, the stated goal was for Slow Horse to be the slowest, heaviest, and most depressing band possible. In 1998, they financed and recorded their debut self-titled album of "melodic doom". Soon thereafter the original rhythm section left the band to form The Want. Undaunted (or perhaps just oblivious), Dan continued flying the Slow Horse banner. A second album saw the lights of day in 2001. After some serious touring, the band ended their active career somewhere in 2003.

Guitar + vocals: Dan Bukszpan
Bass: D. Levine
Drum: Scott Sanfratello

On December 10th 1999, Freebird Records officially released Slow Horse's self titled debut mini-album on CD. One bass player, three drummers and two years later, the Slow Horse line-up is solid enough for another self titled album, this time on Berserker Records. Heavy touring results in another bass player leaving the band, and Berserker Records goes belly-up, forcing the Slow Horse train to shift a few gears lower. Heavy touringin fall / winter 2002 brings them back where they belong: on stage, making people vomit... But it proves to be too tiresome for most band members, and Slow Horse went belly-up.

The Stonegod

The Stonegod / Chivasso / Italy

Vocals: Silvia Pavignano
Guitar: Alessio Sandrono
Bass: Marco Rigamonti
Drum: Omar Sansoë

Did you ever wonder how gothic rock would sound if they had a decent guitar sound and some understanding of heavy groovin'? Listen to The Stonegod and you will know... If you would live at the Italian foothills of the Alps (Europe's highest mountain range), then surely you would respect the forces that created these gigantic heaps of rock. The Stonegod takes this one step further, and does something unique with all the material lying around.


Wallrus / Rotterdam / The Netherlands

With their heavy guitars and melodic vocals, Rotterdam NL based band Wallrus has been upfront in the Dutch stoner rock scene since 1999. Their live reputation has earned them a dedicated following and they have shown their capabilities in highly acclaimed clubs and large festivals (Nighttown, Melkweg, Metropolis, Waterpop, Real Rock, Moetel Mozaique, etc.)

Their first, self titled EP is quickly followed by the album release "The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky". A re-release by Freebird Records means a more international introduction for Wallrus. The reviews are rave, to say the least.

After having signed with Freebird Records in 2005, the band returns to the studio in 2006. Their second full length is produced once again by Chris Grem. Director Willem de Roon provides a video for the track "High Plains Drifter".

The new album "Burn The Shivers" contains 12 new tracks and the video. The release in Europe is set at September 24th 2007.

The riffmachine from hell rides on!

Rob Rietdijk (vocals/harmonica)
Conrad Freling (guitar)
Paul van Schaik (bass)
Joeri Rook (drums)

In 2003 the official discography kicked off with the release of 2 songs on "Eat At The Potholder", released by the legendary American punk rock label Long Beach Records. On September 11th 2003 Wallrus released "The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky" with help from their buddies at and Arising Artist. This album has made it to all corners of the planet and back again, resulting in Freebird Records re-releasing that album early 2005. Late 2007 "Burn The Shivers" sees the light of day. It shows a band that has evolved in all directions.

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