3Speed Automatic

3Speed Automatic / Rotterdam / The Netherlands

The 3 band members of 3 Speed Automatic met in the mid 90's, at the time they were attending university in Delft. After having played together in various bands, they decided to build a sound of their own and in 2003 3Speed Automatic (3SA) was born. With 3SA they were on a mission, as Stefan explains: "We wanted to make music that would ignite a new revolution of raunchy rock 'n roll that is sorely missing from the music landscape nowadays."

3SA set out to make music that would be fat yet spherical, with a raw impact while maintaining a recognizable melodic sense to it. "A lot of inspiration for creating 3SA came from famous trio's of the past - bands like Grand Funk Railroad, Cream and Hendrix' Band Of Gypsies - , how they created their sound and used the advantages of the fact that they were just with the three of them" says Willem. Guido adds: "We use that as a starting point and incorporate elements of the 80's and 90's music, because that's the music we grew up with. 3SA is about experimenting and musical interaction, raw energy and real-life dynamics that will tell a story and take you for a ride.

At the end of 2003, 3SA chose a 150 year old villa on the shores of the Maas in Rotterdam as their headquarters, using the library as a rehearsal studio. There they wrote a dozen songs which eventually ended up in recording the album 'Nomans Land'. It explores the outer edges of sleazy hardrock, stonerrock, blues and psychedelic territory. Regarding the reviews from the international press, 3SA was on the right track in accomplishing their mission.

Stefan Persaud - Vox & Bass
Guido Debrichy - Guitar
Willem Stevense - Drums

In order to support the release of their first album, 3SA toured through Holland, opening up for acts like Five Horse Johnson (US) or the Atomic Bitchwax (US). It was followed in spring 2004 by a tour through Germany and Belgium, sharing the stage with other critically acclaimed bands like Generous Maria (SE) and the Speedfreaks (SE).

The second album, named after their home base "Villa Rocka", was released on vinyl by Nasoni Records. In 2006 followed the CD version on Freebird, which was a very special release: it includes DVD and CD on one disc!


Astrosoniq / Oss / The Netherlands

Two members of the illustrious cult-space-stoner-rockband A.P. Lady, namely Ron van H. en Marcel vdVdv (also active Dirty-Dancerockers in T-Nailed), launched Astrosoniq, a RockRocket with a sound so heavy, groovy, spaced-out but most of all so disturbing, your gastric juices will get mixed into a rock-cocktail on the rocks.

For composing and producing their sonic attack-rocket they needed: a pinch of Funkadelic, some Melvins madness, a dash of Black Sabbath, the skin of a Goatsnake, a breath of Hawkwind Kyuss-kind-kinetic energy, a lick of Kiss, the Motörhead of a Motorpsycho, Soundgarden flowers monitoring Monster Magnet Hellish Hellacopters herbs, the looseness of 35007 and a spark of Space Rituals and a Whole lotta Love and Inspiration!!!

They have been known to call themselves the "Wizards of Oss." They could be variously categorized as space rock, psychedelic rock, or stoner rock -- or all three.

Vocals: Fred van Bergen
Guitar: Ron van Herpen
Bass: Eric de Voght
Drums: Marcel van der Vondervoort
Astromizer: Bidi
Keys + Copper: Willum Geerts

(line-up during Freebird era)

more info:

Astrosoniq's first release started out as an attempt to a practical joke. With a fake "Oss Rock City" type compilation CD Ron and Marcel tried to put Oss on the map. But the song material and recordings were simply to good to be wasted on a joke, so a band was started.

The unique cover of "Son Of AP Lady", the gatefold carton sleeve with silver print, has not only received great reviews among music lover, but it got a prestigious design award as well. It was made by 6th band member Willum...

Astrosoniq has gigged in Spain, USA, Germany and Belgium, and played with bands like Celestial Season, Candybar Planet, Dozer, Lowrider, Queens Of The Stone Age, Cowboys & Aliens, The Heads, 35007 and Fu Manchu.

In 2002 followed their second full length "Soundgrenade", originally a co-release, later a Freebird-only release. Where the debut has a rough sound, "Soundgrenade" is a crystal clear trip through all the corners of rock, and some back-alleys as well.

2004 saw the release of a 6-song EP "Made In Oss" on their own Spacejam Recordings label. Originally only as a very limited double 10" EP, later there was a CD version as well. The vinyl one is a collector's item these days. The EP is the most spacy outlet of the band. So far...

In 2006 "Speeder people" was launched on Suburban Records. The 'hair' theme on the cover design was continued, label switch or not.

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra / Umeå / Sweden

The founding members of Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra have been playing together in different constellations for several years. But in 1999 they felt that they needed a fresh clean start, and from that The Circus was born. The first year was a bit cumbersome since the band members lived in different parts of the country, during some periods they weren't even on the same continent.

During the winter 01-02 the band members all moved back to the town where it all had started: Umeå, in the northern part of Sweden. There they settled down and really got to business with shaping the future sound of heavy rock music.

In the winter of 2004, the work started on the debut album CD. That album, released in june 2004 was accompanied by unanymously stunning reviews worldwide. That paved the way for two European tours in 2005. In the autumn of that year, the foundation was laid for a new EP, which was once again released by Freebird. Their second full length "Side By Side" saw the light on Fuzzorama in 2006.

Tia (bassguitar, lead vocals)
Dave (guitar, vocals)
Håkan (guitar, vocals)
Kent (guitar)
Magnus (accoustic guitars, xylophone)
Daniel (drums)

(line-up during Freebird era)

The Circus Orchestra brings groove rock in an unexpected way: "We have been labeled blues-based or a-little-on-the-prog-side, because we do not fit into the stoner rock cliche". Their music is all about celebrating the wonder and mystery of rock & roll. Hidden somewehere under that mellow or ambient approach, is an unchained beast that can strike at any moment. Their debut CD fits well in your rock collection between Fooz and Orquesta Del Desierto! So make room for it...


Horsy / New Brunswick NJ / USA

Horsy is a band that was spotted live in the NY/NJ area, supporting for bands like Solace and The Atomic Bitchwax or doing their own headlining. Count on fuzzed out guitars, rock solid drums, a bass player that sets out the main themes and a vocalist who did some serious low end howling. After having been in the mothballs for about 5 years, the line-up from the album era resurfaced and produced a new album "The Bronson" as a tribute to Christofer D. Marshall, the original Horsy vocalist who died in march 2003. So these guys still are all about rocking out, mixing Blue Cheer with ZZ Top and sounding a bit like a detuned Mudhoney in a head on head collision with (Ttab25 era) Monster Magnet.


Mugwumps / Uppsala / Sweden

Mugwumps were formed in 1995 in Uppsala and have played fast, dirty rock'n'roll inspired by bands like The Stooges, Motörhead, Flamming Sideburns, Rolling Stones and MC5. It's live, on stage, that their fast & furious rock'n'roll acchieves its most.

During the years, while the Mugwumps-sound has evolved a lot from its initial raw and dirty state, Mugwumps has remained true to their cause: to win over souls to the gods of rock-n-roll, and they have managed to save quite a few. Yet, many souls are still in dire need of salvation, but you can all rest assured that Mugwumps will do their outmost to save them all.

Guitar + vocals: Rikard Jennische
Guitar: Jakub Orzechowski-Westholm
Bass: Gustav Grusell
Drums: Olle Nilsson

Over the last 10 years, Mugwumps have become something like the Freebird Home Band. All their releases have been either on Freebird Records, or have been distributed by Freebird. After 3 small chunks of vinyls and 2 tracks on compilations, they produced a full length album in 2002. Showing a much more evolved side of this band as well. In november 2004 the second album saw the light of day, and it's untitled. After that, the band ended up in the fridge...
But early 2007 the original members re-united and picked up as if they had never left off!


Nice*Cat / Toronto / Canada

Vocals + Guitar: Carol
Guitar: Caitlin
Bass: Nicole
Drum: Jim

The Nice Cat girls formed the band in 1998 in Toronto, around a rock'n'roll friendship. You could call them "stoner rock", "metal-punk", "metallic skronk", or "sludgilicious". You could say they're a blend of Black Sabbath and the Go-Go's, Fu Manchu and Sonic Youth, Clutch and L7, or Kyuss and 7 Year Bitch. But it all boils down to one thing: Rock'n'roll.
Since then it's been a crazy rollercoaster of local Toronto shows (including opener slots with Unsane, Electric Frankenstein and Rage Against The Machine) and several American road trips to play with the likes of Karma to Burn. Their version of "All Hell Breaks Loose" made it on the Freebird Misfits tribute compilation. 


Solace / Ocean Grove NJ / USA

Vocals: Jason
Guitar: Tommy Southard
Bass: Rob Hultz
Drums: Bill Bixby

This band arose from the ashes of Godspeed, former Atlantic recording artists. The demise of Glueneck and Godspeed brought these musicians together to form Solace. And it leads to a doomier sound, a heavy headbang-inviting rock that anyone can groove to.
Apart from tons of appearances on compilations and tributes, the main releases of Solace are "Distanced From Reality" EP on "Jersey Devils" (Freebird Records / MeteorCity, 1998), "Further" (MeteorCity, 2000) and "13" (MeteorCity, 2002). After the Roadburn gig of 2005 followed 2 EPs: "Hammerheart" and "The Black Black" (Underdogma, 2006).


Solarized / Eatontown NJ / USA

Guitar + vocals: Jim Hogan
Guitar: George Pierro
Bass: Dave Topolenski
Drums: Reg Satana

Coming out of the industrial, backwoods landfill that is central New Jersey, Solarized is laying waste to the wastelands. Think of John Woo films interpreted by Motörhead; rednecks with space ships and laser cannons on a knuckle-dragging hellride down the "Neanderthal Speedway". Think of atomic boogie-rock from the year zero, beamed in from another planet and transmitted directly into your skull.
Solarized is the brainchild of Jim Hogan and Reg Satana (of Daisycutter fame). The original line-up included Lou Gorra (now Halfway To Gone) and Pete Hauschild. Their first release "Eight Ways To Sunday" EP on "Jersey Devils" (Freebird Records / MeteorCity, 1998) and the Man's Ruin album "Neanderthal Speedway" (1999) were recorded in that line-up. In 2001 "Driven" was released on MeteorCity.

The Volcanic

The Volcanic / Ange / Sweden

Guitar + Vocals: Roger Olsson
Jens Petterson: Guitar
Bass: Frederik Pålsson
Drum: Johan Nilsson

What else is there to do in the geographical center of Sweden then petting elks and driving around in rusty Volvo's? You can always start a rock band...
The Volcanic excels in a melodic approach of stoner type groove rock. By letting their ears hang to all sorts of music, they are able to come up with 7 minute songs that are more than the space jams that one so regularly sees in this type of music.
After 6 years of complete silence from the heavy Rat-pedaled rockband they are back! New songs are being recorded and an album will be finished before the autumn of 2007. The lineup is slightly changed and we welcome Johan Nilsson to the crew. 


Zeus / Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Zeus was founded in 2003 by singer Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, drummer Paul Jansen and guitarist Roy Jansen. Soon after, bass player Bob Gerritsen completed the band. The objective was clear and simple: to make heavy, groovy rock music the way it was meant since 1969. Influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Karma To Burn, Transport League, Goatsnake and the wave of nineties grunge and stoner, Zeus developed its sound.

After spending their first year in rehearsal rooms, Zeus started recording in the spring of 2004 with producer Marcel vd Vondervoort (Astrosoniq and others). The band flew to New York to play the famous CBGB's venue, trying out their material for the first time. Their American style and heavy performance kicked in right away, selling out the "Threetrackintroduction" demo immediately. Zeus returned to Amsterdam, fired up and ready to finish their debut album. It was released independently in 2005 by Zeus' own label Sixxkiller and distributed by Suburban. While the album was getting positive reviews, Zeus started doing what they do best: playing live shows throughout the country. In 2007, Zeus' second album "07" will be released by Freebird Records. Like the debut album, "07" was mixed and produced by Marcel vd Vondervoort and mastered by Alan Ward.

Paul Jansen (drums)
Bob Gerritsen (bass)
Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (vocals)
Roy Jansen (guitars)

The "Bad Signs" album (2005) says it all: no statements, no hassle but groovy, heavy rock music that grabs you by the throat. Singer Jeroen is considered to be a revelation. Combined with Roy's low n' heavy riffs and Bob & Paul's bass & drums groove you've got rock music the way it was meant since 1969.

The album "07" (2007) contains 10 tracks that deliver a cocktail of old school heavy rock, melodic groove and even some doom. Pure rock music that tastes best when consumed live and loud.

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