Toner Low

Toner Low / Leiden / The Netherlands

Stonerdoomers Toner Low started in 1998 with five musicians to create a Wall of Riffs with no less than three guitarplayers. Late 1999 the band went on with four musicians, and august 2002 the line-up reduced further, ending with just three members on stage.

December 2005 Freebird Records released Toner Low's self-produced album "Self Titled".        In 2008 the band celebrates their 10th aniversary with a follow-up album, simply called "II". The band from Leiden (Holland) has gradually evolved into doomy psychedelic droners that emphasize on repetitive riffing and minimalism with an overwhelming massive and heavy sound.

Bass + vox: Miranda
Guitar: Daan
Drums: Jack
Samples: Rogier

The Toner Low sound is first heard to its fullest on the debut cd. The band has a very busy year during 2006, with gigs at Roadburn, ZXZW Festival and several tours through Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The year ends with the release of the debut in a double vinyl edition.

More gigging occurs in 2007, taking Toner Low through Europe once again: Belgium, Germany (Swamproom Happening), Austria, Netherlands, United Kingdom. At the end of 2007 bassplayer / vocalist Deef leaves the band and gets replaced by Miranda, who already played in Toner Low in 1998-1999.

With a bit less touring in 2008 and a bit more time for recording, Toner Low cans their second full length album, to be released 25th november 2008 by Freebird Records. The release gets a follow up in the form of a tour through Germany, Austria and Croatia.


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