Since june 1998 Freebird released hours of heavy groove rock for you to enjoy. These are our most recent ones.

Toner Low  - II

Freebird Records is proud to present the second full length album by the Dutch psychedelic drone band TONER LOW. Released on November 27th 2008 in a double vinyl edition.

TRACK LIST                                                                                                                                                             01. I                                                                                                                                                                         02. II                                                                                                                                                                   03. III                                                                                                                                                                       04. IV

Toner Low are a band from Leiden (Holland), celebrating their ten year aniversary in 2008 with a brand new album, simply called "II". The band has gradually evolved into doomy psychedelic droners that emphasize on repetitive riffing and minimalism with an overwhelming massive and heavy sound.
The new album is released on a double 12" LP  but we do have a CD as well. Four epic tracks each fill one side of vinyl, giving you an idea about the sheer size of the droners on this one.
A must have for those who are into... naah, it's simply a must have. The silver foil artwork alone is worth it.

Catalog number: FRV 028

Released: November 27th 2008

3Speed Automatic - Villa Rocka

Stefan Persaud, Willem Stevense and Guido Debrichy met in the mid 90's and in 2003 3Speed Automatic (3SA) was born. With 3SA they were on a mission, as Stefan explains: "We wanted to make music that would ignite a new revolution of raunchy rock 'n roll that is sorely missing from the music landscape nowadays." 3SA set out to make music that would be fat yet spherical, with a raw impact while maintaining a recognizable melodic sense to it.
At the end of 2003, 3SA chose a 150 year old villa on the shores of the Maas in Rotterdam as their headquarters, using the library as a rehearsal studio. Their first album "No Man's Land" didn't go by unnoticed.

CD side:
01. No Man's Land
02. Second Coming
03. Hit Me
04. Walk On The Sun
05. Splitting The Atom
06. Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men... The Shadow Knows
DVD side:
01. Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men... The Shadow Knows (Video)
02. Do It Again (Live in Rotterdam 2005) (Video)
03. Bonus Material
04. 3SA Three Dimensional Matter (Audio)

Originally released as a vinyl album by Nasoni, the album finally will come in a CD version. And a DVD version. At the same time... One disc, two ways to use it to retrieve 3SA's pretty intense brew of stoner rock, raunchy wah-wah propelled biker rock, sleazy hard rock and psychedelics. The video features the exclusively recorded soundtrack of the Dutch cult movie "Horizonica": heavy soundscapes, accentuated by some flamenco-blend accoustic guitars, organ and spaced-out effects, appropriately accompanied by a road-movie styled video. The live video is a bonus, and so is the Dolby 5.1 version of the album on DVD.

Catalog number: FRD 024

Released: January 10th 2008 

Zeus - 07

The new, second album from Zeus contains 10 tracks that deliver a cocktail of old school heavy rock, melodic groove and even some doom. Pure rock music that tastes best when consumed live and loud. Like the debut album, "07" was mixed and produced by Marcel vd Vondervoort and mastered by Alan Ward.

01. My Name Is Zeus
02. Drive On
03. Breeder
04. Ain't She Lovely
05. Carousel
06. Just Begun
07. Save Me
08. Man On Fire
09. Crazy Calm
10. Falling

Raw and heavy groove rock that grabs you by the throat...

Catalog number: FRC 027

Released: October 22nd 2007

Wallrus - Burn The Shivers

On their second full length release, Wallrus brings you 12 brand new tracks of dirty, sincere and unpolished groove rock. After having re-released "The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky" it took almost two years to complete the album. But it was worth the long waiting. Wallrus takes you on a rollercoaster ride of groove rock, while vocalist Rob Rietdijk is turning his lungs inside out to create the biggest variety in vocal styles ever presented in this genre, and way beyond. Includes a video by Willem de Roon for viewing pleasure on your PC. And they managed to include a track name longer than "The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky" this time...

01. Sentimental
02. The Hit
03. Tasmanian Oedipoes Blues
04. High Plains Drifter
05. Burn The Shivers
06. On The Road To Be King
07. No Envy
08. Pirates Don't Fly
09. Girls And Toys And Divine Love And Heat And Time And Time Again
10. A 50 lbs Letter
11. Saint Of Entertainment 
12. Here Comes The Weekend
PC video: High Plains Drifter

The riffmachine from hell rides on!

Catalog number: FRC 026

Released: September 24th 2007                                                                                                                                                                        


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