Since june 1998 Freebird released hours of heavy groove rock for you to enjoy. These are the older ones. Check the shop if they're still available.

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - Morbyn Outtakes

Following the EP - album - EP - album mantra, it was time for new material on a short length release. Get your ambient groove rock collection one level higher with the new EP CD by The Orchestra.

1. In Front Of You All
2. A Dirty Thing
3. I Do My Best
4. Expectations

Work on the new Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra album CD started in the summer of 2004 already. Then came two European tours to support the debut. Because of the unique song writing process of this band, it became clear that finishing a follow-up would take some more time. So we chose to present an outtake on EP, showing what the Orchestra was up to right now. Hand picked tracks that will not appear on the album CD, we would like to add.

Catalog number: FRC 022

Released: April 10th 2006   

Wallrus - The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky

It´s been one year since the release of the debut album of the Dutch slusher blues rock band Wallrus. That album has only been available in and around The Netherlands. So, when the original supply sold out, and plans were made for a second album, Freebird Records jumped in to make this debut available for heavy rock fanatics all over the planet.

01. No Mistake
02. Blue Tales
03. The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky
03. Stray White Iron Jim
04. Slow River
05. Plastic Corrective
06. Moanin' At Midnight
07. Little Johnnie Doe
08. Mean Shit
09. In My Pocket
10. Charlaine

Basicly, we can tell you a lot about this debut album. But one year ago, Rob Wrong did a near perfect job on, so why not use his words?

"Wow, Wallrus really kicks out the jams hard! Right from the beginning you know you have a monster record on your hand. Even though these guys are drenched in classic rock, it's still got newer twists to it and a bit of doom here and there. For the most part the whole CD song after song has the kind of intensity as bands like back in the day, Hendrix, Zeppelin or Cream came across as... hard rock, blues based and heavy. Musically it reminds me of something that the Masters of Reality or the Queens might do also though. Fuzzed out bass and heavy stomps over and over with tasteful guitar and melody lines that are super catchy, but not cheesy..."

The founders of the hot slusher blues movement!

Catalog number: FRC 016

Released: February 10th 2005

Mugwumps - Self Titled

01. Dig The Sensation
02. Shake
03. Gas Tank
04. High Or Low
05. Soul Thriller
06. Movin' On
07. Offered A Place In Heaven
08. Voodoo Doll
09. Run 'til I Die
10. Must Be The Night

It´s been two years since the release of the debut album of the Swedish "rock 'n' more rock" band Mugwumps. The iron laws of music industry then dictates that a follow-up should be released. Who would have thought that Mugwumps, Freebird Records and Group Sound follow that rule... But here it is: an untitled album containing ten brand new tracks straight from Uppsala. For this release this foursome made use of trumpet, harmonica and saxophone to spice up their rock sound. So you know what to expect: that just a bit different rock sound you're used to, but then just a bit different...

Label: Group Sound / Freebird Records

Catalog number: GS 011 / FRC 019

Released: November 10th 2004

Orquesta Del Desierto - Dos


In respect to the music of our time, Orquesta Del Desierto is reminiscent of something that flittered over the waves of AM radio when cars still had the look of muscle and romance. A combination of Latin beats, mariachi horns, rock grooves, and a heavy blues influence, Orquesta Del Desierto takes all that is the Mojave desert and paints its portrait in sound.
This second album of this eclectic band is now available through The Stone Circle, as a cooperation between Alone Records from Spain and Freebird Records from The Netherlands. The US release is scheduled for february 10th 2004 on Meteorcity Records.

TRACK LIST                                                                                                                                                                 01. Life Without Color
02. Summer
03. Above The Big Wide
04. Someday
05. Quick To Disperse
06. El Diablo Un Patrono
07. What In The World
08. Over Here
09. Sleeping The Dream


Pete Stahl - vocals
Dandy Brown - bass, organ, guitar, piano
Mike Riley - guitar, organ
Mario Lalli - guitar
Country Mark Engel - guitar, organ, backing vocals
Adam Maples - drums, percussion
Pete Davidson - drums, percussion

with Bill Barrett - the Lone San Gorgonio Trumpet
Tim Jones - piano
Emiliano Hernandez - saxophone

Special Guest Appearance by Stephen Brodsky

Their second heavy latin desert groove album!

Label: The Stone Circle

Catalog numer: TSC 17/7

Released: October 27th 2003 

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - The Losers Are Back In Town

A. The Losers Are Back In Town
B. I Should Have Known

This 7" single (45 RPM) was actually meant as a tour EP, in order to have something to leave behind during their may 2003 tour of East Coast USA. Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra is on the road with their evil tourbus during most of the summer in Europe as well. But if Freebird Records stumbles across something fresh, promising and groovy as this, we feel that more people should get acquainted with The Orchestra...

Catalog number: FRV 015

Released: June 10th 2003

Mugwumps - Do It Good

01. Sinkin´ Stone
02. Easy To Get Sick
03. Come On And Give Me Love
04. Danger Buzz
05. You Can Go
06. Do It Good
07. She´s A Shriek
08. Baby You Control Me
09. Roll With The Punches

It´s been many years since now since Mugwumps started harassing the local rock-scene by cranking out their loud rock music whenever they got a chance and without asking permission. Needless to say, not everyone was happy with their four long-hairs trying to turn their amps up to eleven. But thank them for being so stubborn, because at the end of 2002 we can finally present their debut album on CD, after 3 small chunks of vinyls, and 2 tracks on compilations. Showing a much more mature side of this four-piece as well, with the use of extra instrumentation and more lengthy songs...

Mission statement: to win over souls to the gods of rock-n-roll!

Label: Group Sound / Freebird Records

Catalog number: GS 009 / FRC 014

Released: December 24th 2002 

Elephantum - Sedimentation

Various problems have caused a serious delay on this one: line-up changes, band name changes (with repercussions on the artwork of course) and technical problems with the master... you name it. But it's here now!

01. Anthem To The Fall And Awakening Of The Tiny Yellow Flower
02. Black Butterfly
03. Galleon Of The Sand
04. Light Up Your Summer
05. Low Phi

"The songs are well written, the melodies are quite good and the four Dutchmen are skilled musicians." - Walter,, The Netherlands
"This is a Stoner-Highlight for sure and a really good debut." - Ralf Burkart, Daredevil Magazine, Germany
"The style of the band is pretty unique... I think I never heard before a union between prog, heavypsychedelia and groovy riffs." - Alex, StonedGods, Italy
"It's full of thick simple guitar lines of fuzzed out goodness, strong melodic vocals and nice simple tight changes full of good one off hooks... It's definitely hard rock/radio stuff and a bit cheeky at times..." - Rob Wrong,, USA
"Elephantum sounds quite like Beaver when it comes to moving back and forth between crunchy guitar hooks, some odd time signatures and dynamic tension." - Walter Hoeijmakers,, The Netherlands

Catalog number: FRC 012

Released: December 10th 2002 

Nuc - The Beta Feel

On "Transfuser", the self released debut CD from 2000, Jeroen's melancholic singing and noisy guitar, Peter's soaking bass, Joost's pumping drums and a touch of space-effects make a typical mixture that is Nuc. The combination Sonic Youth, Motorpsycho, Kyuss and the Melvins make a sound best described as a excited marriage between new wave and noise on one hand and stoner and spacerock on the other. Now their second album is available, this time released with the Freebird logo on it!

01. Suna
02. Dusseldrop
03. LIFO
04. Leaving Moscow
05. 1m2 Happiness
06. Fungus Trip
07. No Brando

The recordings for the second album were done at Moskou Studios, while Marcel vd Vondervoort finished the job once again in his own Torture Garden Studios. The same deadly combination that created the second Astrosoniq album. The result, "The Beta Feel" is not you average heavy groove album: psychedelica, new wave, space rock, stoner and tons of emotion are present on the 7 tracks. "Album de l'année" at!

SludgePsychoStonerWave to the core and a lot more!

Catalog number: FRC 013

Released: September 10th 2002

Astrosoniq - Soundgrenade

Their debut album left a deep hole right in the center of the heavy groove planet. Their music is a definitely original blend of hard rock, grooves and whatever they come across on their journeys. And now, the second load is available...

01. Secret Passage
02. Soundgrenade
03. Astronomicon
04. Aphrodite's Child
05. Evil Rules In Showbizzland
06. Hit & Run
07. Sod Off!!!
08. So Be It
09. Daemonology

This second album was recorded at the same place, and produced by the same wizard. But this time, their 9 intrically woven tracks sound much more mature. A whole wide variety of heavy groove rock, with some dark, mid-tempo interludes ("Evil Rules...") through a kick-ass rock anthem ("Hit & Run") all the way to a spaced out funky groove track ("So Be It"). Astrosoniq went for the ultimate edges, and Freebird Records went with them.

Warning: this soundgrenade will explode in your face...

Catalog number: FRC 011

Released: June 24th 2002 

Yajaira - Lento Y Real

A self made band from an unknown country: Chile. Four people only known by their first names. Bringing slow and warm grooves, with Spanish lyrics. That puts them in the same cabinet as Natas or Viaje a 800, but musically they fit just as well with Datura or the inevitable Kyuss. Average song length way over 5 mins. This release has been made by Freebird especially for heavy groove fanatics in Europe and North America, where their domestic (self) releases have never been available before. Contains a bonus track as well.

01. Cae
02. A Donde Vas Tan Rapido
03. Nada
04. La Serpiente Antigua
05. Sin Dio$ Ni Razon
06. Vidrio Molido
07. El Ritual
08. Sangra El Cielo
09. Alcohol (Bonus Track)

Freebird's Spanish language release...

Catalog number: FRC 010

Released: April 10th 2002

Nice*Cat / The Volcanic / The Stonegod - Three Way EP

Freebird presents 3 new names on one album. In over 60 minutes Nice*Cat from Toronto, Canada; The Volcanic from Ånge, Sweden; and The Stonegod from Chivasso, Italy present themselves. Three totally different interpretations of heavy groove rock from around the planet. This EP goes three ways, be sure to keep the right side up...

01. Bulldozer
02. DC
03. Ring Out
04. Chronic

Already a bit known from their track on "Graven Images" these gals and dude open this CD with four powerful groove tracks. Obligational headbanging warning included.

05. Lost Soul City
06. Empty Hole
07. Dancing With The Devil In High Heels
08. Trinity

This band from the absolute center of Sweden has it all: powerful grooves, melodic song structures, a wall of sound and even slow stuff that actually sounds like a song instead of a doomy 15 minute jam!

09. Center Of Gravity
10. Hag
11. Eloise
12. Too Late

Ever wondered how gothic would sound if they had a decent guitar sound? The missing link with heavy groove has been discovered in the alpine regions of northern Italy. Completely appropriate, they're called The Stonegod...

Catalog number: FRC 009

Released: September 10th 2001

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