Since june 1998 Freebird released hours of heavy groove rock for you to enjoy.  

Toner Low - Self Titled

June 2005 Toner Low released the cd on their DIY-label Roadkill Rekordz, giving the band lots of positive reviews in magazines and on e-zines in Holland and other countries. After that, Freebird Records picked up this release for more deep end impact on the planet.

1. Evil Machinery On The Rise
2. Devilbots Assigned To Assimilate
3. Through The Endless Fields Of Waving Grass We Battle
4. Praying For Murphy's Law To Arise
5. Into The Sunn Of Nymrod
6. We Will Conquer

Toner Low's debut cd takes its listener in six songs on a 46-minutes doomy stonertrip through heavy low-tuned guitars, slow-riding drums, long instrumental riffing, low-frequency bassparts, distorted vocals, repetitive hypnotizing themes, psychedelic sound-effects, alienating samples and minimalistic soundscapes. All elements combined create an album that sounds close to unique and has to be listened to as one journey, kicking off with the upcoming feedback and coming to a close in audio-psychedelica.

Catalog number: FRC 021 (CD) and FRV 025 (2LP)

Released: January 10th 2006 (CD) and December 10th 2006 (2LP)

Loot - Big Fish

When Loot entered the studio, they expected to record an album which could readily be labeled heavy groove rock. But being in a studio can do strange things to a band. With 5 band members and their totally different influences, it became clear that the only option was to record all ideas and make the final choices during a later phase. It so happened that the best ideas ended up on the record. Loot had just taken a completely new turn...

01. Koekstruyf
02. Without The Chains
03. It's My Party
04. You Know What To Do
05. Head First
06. One Man Boyband
07. Circe
08. Emptyheaded
09. To Share Is To Care
10. Breeder

Loot creates an adventurous rock sound on "Big Fish", compressing the different musical influences of all band members in a very well thought through combination of contemporary styles: stoner, noise and even pop rock. The title "Big Fish" not only refers to Tim Burton's sparkling movie, but also to a nearly flooded studio because of violent thunderstorms. The static noise can be heard in the last track. But before that you have had the opportunity to listen to an album with 10 stunning rock tracks, cemented together with the Loot trademark.   No surprise, it sounds different than their EP "Into The Light". "Big Fish" shows a more mature and evolved Loot, with greater variety in compositions and arrangements.

Time for a new noice, and here is your cue...

Catalog number: FRC 020

Released: September 10th 2005

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - Self Titled

After the success of the first 7" (yup, also with the Freebird logo on it) the band wanted to do another one. But the world is ready for an album. And then we bring you an album. It's recorded on 2 continents, and mixed and mastered to perfection.

01. Fools In The Band
02. A Farewell To The Rotten Pack
03. And God's Laughing
04. Heirs Of Doom
05. Reborn Or Despair
06. Some Are Not Real
07. Infected Grounds
08. The Mess I Steer
09. Freakshow
10. Pull My Strings

After their successful introduction (by a vinyl single) people wanted more. The original plan (another vinyl single) was transformed into something much more satisfying from a musical point of view: an album CD! Packaged in a classic black & white design, the "Self Titled" album shows The Orchestra at its best: groovin' like heaven and hell at the same place.

Celebrating the mystery and wonder of rock and roll!

Catalog number: FRC 018

Released: June 10th 2004 

Horsy - Haulin' Ass

01. Mothra
02. Kickstand
03. Time To Kill Myself Again
04. The Man Who Loved Catdancing
05. Superdyke?
06. Cocksmoker
07. The 'Men' Of Horsy
08. 40
09. A Star Is Born

This self-release from New Brunswick, New Jersey, was re-released by Freebird Records in 2001. If you're into the more up-tempo, in your face style of heavy groove, this is the big heavy drunk rock album you've been waiting for... Put it near Sixty Watt Shaman or early Clutch in your collection! Strap yourself in for a truckload of monster riffs. This album sold out the very same year. Due to bankrupcy of the manufacturer, there's no chance on a repressing...

Catalog number: FRC 008

Released: February 10th 2001

Mugwumps - The Juggler

A1. The Juggler
B1. Medicine Man
B2. Rocket Boy

Three brand new heavy rocking tracks from this band from Uppsala, Sweden on 7" vinyl.  Mugwumps is sounding like they never have sounded before: I am my own band... and we rock 'til you drop...

Label: Group Sound / Freebird Records

Catalog number: GS 006 / FRC 007

Released: October 10th 2000 

Astrosoniq - Son Of A.P. Lady

This debut album took more than 18 months to be completed, and it was recorded at Moscow Studios, Utrecht NL and Torture Garden Studio, Oss NL. It's loaded with guest appearances and extras: Marcel doing keyboards, samples and astromizer, Rob Zimmerman (ex-Asgard) and Michel Dappers playing bass, Wayne Moon and Erik delivering some different vocals, while Daan Cuppen (ex-Cirrha Niva) screams and Bidi whispers... Everything delivered in a package that reminds of the heydays of vinyl album design: folding carton sleeve with silver foil printing, including an artwork poster. All the artwork has been designed by Wilmstar in cooperation with Astrosoniq.

1. Fistkick
2. Afterlife Rulers
3. Godly Pace
4. Earthquake
5. Pegasus
6. Egobooster
7. Doomrider
8. You Loose

Freebird's shiniest...

Catalog number: FRC 005

Released: August 10th 2000

Kinch vs Shard - Split

A great co-release with Daredevil Records from Germany. Bringing 2 bands from Germany: Kinch and Shard. Kinch could remind you of Plaster or some QotSA songs, Shard is somewhere between Hellacopters and Nebula.


01. Man & Buduh
02. N.L.O.
03. Hula (El Hombre Rojo)
04. Safie
05. Barn
06. Cadu

07. I'll Take You Higher
08. Medicine Man
09. My Sad Machine
10. Wake Me Up

Two German bands fighting it out on one CD!

Label: Daredevil Records / Freebird Records

Catalog number: DFC 001 / FRC 006

Released: June 10th 2000 

Graven Images - A Tribute To The Misfits

On New Year's Eve 1999, nineteen Misfits songs resurfaced on this Freebird Records release. The songs have been treated with fire, blood, smoke, a demon and even two worms; but mainly with a lot of sludge and groove. The best bands in underground stoner and sludge rock bring you their interpretation of classic Misfits mayhem. They're proving that there's always room for vampires, aliens, werewolves and demons...

01. MUGWUMPS - Horror Hotel
03. FREEDOM BLEEDER - Ghouls Night Out
04. MISDEMEANOR - Hybrid Moments
05. FATSO JETSON - Devil's Whorehouse
06. SUNRIDE - Children In Heat
08. DOZER - She
09. CONQUERO WORM - Skulls
10. BONGWATER.666 - Where Eagles Dare
11. SARTANA - Hollywood Babylon
12. NICE*CAT - All Hell Breaks Loose
13. BLOODWURM - Some Kinda Hate
14. DEMON CLEANER - We Are 138
15. THE MARYLINS - Who Killed Marylin?
16. DOGMA HOLLOW - I Turned Into A Martian
17. VOLUME - Die Die My Darling
18. SOLACE - We Bite
19. WARHORSE - London Dungeon

In spring 1999, some bands came up with the idea of recording their favorite Misfits track. It got a bit out of hand: word got around and everybody wanted to do a Misfits cover. Bands ran into the studio or rented eight track machines and caught a moment of fire on tape. Mixing was done during the night, faxes were sent to bands on tour to get their DAT, mastering took place during a heatwave... The fact that it all was spontaneous can easily be heard, and that's part of the charm. What was supposed to be a 7" turned into this tribute album CD. We know it's not the first Misfits tribute, nor the last. It's just 19 bands from USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland and Italy paying hommage to their punk roots. And there wasn't even room for all bands: we had to say no to bands like Shindig, Face, Voyager and Tummler...

Catalog number: FRC 99.01

Released: December 31st 1999 

Slow Horse - Self Titled

In 1996, New York City native Dan Bukszpan is fresh out of multiple failed bands which have garnered exactly no notice whatsoever. His guitar is shoved away into a closet for the foreseeable future. But then Dan gets very unceremoniously dumped by his live-in girlfriend of four years. The guitar is dusted off and tuned down to the key of B. Dan writes slow dirges. Slow Horse is born...

01. Lick My Wounds
02. All Good Intentions
03. Wicked Game
04. When Are You Coming Home?
05. No One Wants You When You're Down
06. What's The Use?

"The opener, "Lick My Wounds" is so intense, you can't forget it for days." - Jochen Bollath, Daredevil Magazine, Germany

"I highly recommend this to free-thinking fans of The Melvins, Boris, WarHorse and early Sleep. Don't be scared, jump on the Slow Horse and enjoy the ride..." - Michael Knecht, Slow Ride Magazine, USA

"Lo-fi recorded, this CD is slow and hypnotic, full of emotional melodies and mammoth riffs..." - Emiliano Lanzoni, Code666 E-Zine, Italy

"Slow Horse is about classic, very dark Doom, and when I say "very dark" I really mean it." - Shrike, Marksound, UK

"Daniel Bukszpan has such a powerful, all-encompassing voice that commands your attention. Musically, Slow Horse are so complete, so thick, that their songs sound divine. There's nothing halfway about Slow Horse." (Rating: 10 out of 10) - Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, "Unearthing the Unsigned", CDN

Catalog number: FRC 99.11

Released: December 10th 1999 

Solace + Solarized - Jersey Devils

Two cutting-edge east coast bands SOLACE and SOLARIZED show the coming of age of sludge rock. Available on CD, this first collaboration between Freebird Records (The Netherlands) and MeteorCity (USA).

SOLACE "Distanced From Reality"
Progressive metal and psychedelic doom featuring Tommy Southard (formerly Godspeed and Slaprocket), Rob Hultz (Godspeed) and Jason (Glueneck).
5. Heavy Birth/2-Fisted
6. Dirt
7. Try
8. Funk #49 (Live in Tokyo)

SOLARIZED "Eight Ways To Sunday"
Cosmic groove-rock featuring Jim Hogan on guitar and vocals and Reg Satana on drums (both formerly Daisycutter), and on this recording Pete Hauschild on guitar and Lou Gorra on bass (now Halfway To Gone).
1. Slide
2. Drifter
3. Crucible
4. Sugar Bag

Catalog number: FRC 002

Released: January 10th 1999

Various Artists - A Fist Full Of Freebird

Freebird existed as a tape label during most of the 1990s. In 1998, we made the transfer to CD with this mixed compilation album. It features the first appearances of some bands, that are household names in heavy groove rock by now: Dozer, Demon Cleaner, Solace, Mugwumps... we're very proud of that! After some repressings, this one is now sold out.

01. Freerider - FREEDOM BLEEDER (Sweden)
02. Looking For Jeff - SATURN'S CHILD (USA)
03. Nervous Wreck #9 - LEBHEAD (USA)
04. Pathfinder - DEMON CLEANER(Sweden)
05. Le fried Ego - LANDSLIDE (Netherlands)
06. I Dig You - MUGWUMPS (Sweden)
07. Whistle Pig - SOLACE (USA)
08. Black Jack Vegas - SPARZANZA (Sweden)
09. Mammoth Mountain - DOZER (Sweden)
10. Roads Of Grief - DOGMA (Netherlands)
11. Trippy - PELVS (Brazil)
12. Sweet Little 16 - RADIOSTARS (Italy)
13. 2000 Mercy - SMITHWICK MACHINE (USA)
14. Landmark - LUCID NATION (USA)
15. Eyeh8you - BONGWATER (Canada)
16. Tar-Pit-Trap - GARLIC PORK CHOPS
18. Say Goodbye - THE CIGARETTES (Brazil)

Catalog number: FRC 982

Released: June 10th 1998

What happened next with the bands on this compilation...
FREEDOM BLEEDER has released an EP on Molten Universe, after 2 more comp. tracks, including "Graven Images".
LEBHEAD self-released a 4 song EP CD, and changed its name to GASOLINE ANGELS.
DEMON CLEANER released 2 albums and 3 split singles on Molten Universe.
MUGWUMPS recorded another 2 7"s, before a full length on CD was produced. 
SPARZANZA followed the same route, with 2 7"s (one split, one picture disc) before releasing a full length on WaterDragon.
SOLACE was on the "Jersey Devils" double EP, later followed by 2 albums on MeteorCity.
DOZER is already at 5 (split) 7"s and 3 albums, most of them on Molten Universe.
RADIOSTARS' released 2 more albums in Italy in 1999 and 2002.
SMITHWICK MACHINE ended up on a side-track, after another EP "Dixie Witch" and an album were released.
LUCID NATION released 2 more albums on Brain Floss.  

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