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Freebird Records is a small label founded in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), currently situated in Leiden (The Netherlands). It all started in the early 1990's, but things got serious when we switched to CD releases in 1998. Freebird is intended as a platform for ambitious bands with good rock music to present themselves to a wider audience. We're bringing mainly heavy groove rock (sludge, stoner, retro, cosmic, psychedelic, acid and space kinds of rock), but we like to surprise everyone by bringing music that is just that bit different.


If your band has interesting demo material, sample material or promotional stuff, contact Marcel. Please do NOT drop MP3 files in our mailbox, but just give us a link where we can find them on internet. If you don't have your tracks on-line, please ask us beforehand if you can mail us those MP3's. If you have a self-release ready for sales, you can contact Marcel as well. This can be for distribution purposes (our adoption plan) or sales at our mail order store. We intend to listen to everything we get, and we want to reply to everyone. But that can take some time.


If you have a release that you would like to see included in the Freebird Mail Order, please contact Marcel. Or send it directly to: Freebird NL - P.O. Box 1133 - 2302 BC Leiden - The Netherlands.


Things like magazines, paper catalogs, direct mail, etc. can be sent to Freebird as well. 

Legal stuff

Freebird Records is officially registered as "Stichting Freebird Records", which is a non-profit organisation. The board consists of two people: Pepijn Klaassen is the chairman, Marcel Philippo the treasurer. The organisation is officially located in Leiden, The Netherlands, with Chamber of Commerce registration number 17171750. We do have a VAT registration: NL813919460B01. Please use it when issuing an invoice. Even if we trade stuff (which we like to do) we always trade official invoices as well.

Freebird bank info:

National transfers: bank account number 7859371

Euro transfers: IBAN NL58INGB0007859371 - BIC INGBNL2A

International transfers:
Bank account number 7859371
ING, P.O. Box 97780, 1090 GT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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New releases

The Maniacal Vale
"The Maniacal Vale"
3LP album
€ 31,99
White Witch Canyon
White Witch Canyon
"White Witch Canyon "
LP album
€ 30,99
Future Primitive
"Future Primitive"
LP album (Purple)
€ 18,99
Paso Inferior
"Paso Inferior"
LP album
€ 21,99
Strange Cousins From The West
"Strange Cousins From The West"
2LP album
€ 27,99