Code Black

I. Left For Dead
II. Code Black
III. Silenced
IV. In Memoriam
V. Mind On Fire
VI. Where Vultures Feast
VII. I Prevail
VIII. Act Of Killing
IX. Tongue Of The Snake
X. The Premier Plague

Three years or four ago, I reviewed Portallís self-financed "In The Absence Of Light" MCD which was a pure and fine thrash effort. Unfortunately it has taken a while before the follow up has been released. Late 2007 Portall signed a record deal with Under Her Black Wings (a division of Freebird Records) but it took Ďtill now before "Code Black" was released. I donít know why it took so long to release this CD but everyone who listens to "Code Black" will agree that quality always goes above quantity!

The CD is stuffed with well-written thrash metal with a vast amount of hooks, variations in speed and riffs that will delight many metalheads. Apart from the first-rate riffing, the songs are stuffed with solos and licks (which will appeal a lot to the guitarists among us) and excellent vocals and a pounding rhythm section. Of course itís hard to be 100 percent original these days and while I admit that some riffs arenít that innovative, I must admit as well that these ten tracks are performed with precision like a surgical knife. This selection of great compositions makes this CD a must for death/thrash addicts to include in their library of contemporary classics. Great band, great album!

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Code Black
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