House Of Broken Promises

Using The Useless

1. Blister
2. Obey The Snake
3. Physco Plex
4. Highway Grit
5. Justify
6. Torn
7. Buried Away
8. Broken Life
9. Walk On By
10. Ladron (Spanish)
11. The Hurt (Paid My Dues)

"Formed from the ashes of Unida, Indio, CA, desert trio House Of Broken Promises make their debut offering in the meaty riffs of "Using The Useless", combining accessibility with desert fuzz and a raucous catchiness. At the helm is righteously-bearded guitarist/vocalist Arthur Seay, whose delivery reminds of one-time Unida frontman John Garcia but comes on unhinged and confrontational where the former Kyuss/current Hermano singer was more controlled. Seay’s guitar sounds downright huge from the start and remains so for the rest of "Using The Useless", but fortunately the bass of Eddie Plasciencia and Mike Cancino’s drumming are equally massive, so although the songs are clearly based around the riffs, the rhythm section mounts a considerable presence."
"House Of Broken Promises deliver almost entirely across the board with lock-up-yer-daughters cojones rock bent on leaving tire marks and bruises to remember them by. It ain’t artsy, ambient or progressive, but for steak and potatoes stoner metal, the trio seem to have brought enough testosterone for everyone to enjoy."

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Using The Useless
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