Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned

South Side Of The Moon

1. Indian Larry
2. Blacklight Wizard Poster
3. Save A Dollar For The Dead
4. Daughter Of The Moon
5. Black Cat Road
6. Feather's Shadow
7. My Darling Black Rose
8. Magic Queen
9. Shimmering Rain
10. Lay Me Down In Ecstasy
11. Devil's Night
12. Way Of The Outlaw
13. The Wolf Will Survive

Scott Hamilton (owner of Small Stone) plays guitar on several songs.

"When Gideon Smith and The Dixie Damned are on the ball, they're one of the better (genuine) southern rock bands out there. "South Side Of The Moon" doesn't introduce anything new to the genre, but that's besides the point. To me, this is comfort music, like a well worn pair of jeans or a pair of boots that have finally been broken in. The thunderous rock and the doomy psychedlia with Smith's Elvis by way of Danzig by way of Pete Steele croon leading the charge throughout, hits all the right spots, even if said spots are well-worn in a couple of places. Fans of fellow Small Stone bands: Dixie Witch, Five Horse Johnson, The Glasspack, Halfway to Gone and A Thousand Knives of Fire take notice."
All That Is Heavy, Arzgarth

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South Side Of The Moon
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