Nailgun Massacre

Backyard Butchery

1. Cadaverous Lay
2. Albert The Geek
3. Mortuary Meathouse
4. Nailed To The Wall
5. Jagannatha!
6. Spanish Spider
7. Head On A Stick
8. Zombie Swamp

"Aaaaarrrrrggghhh! This is it. The end is near! From Zombie Swamp South Holland the five most gruesome zombies of all times have risen and via their everything destroying old school death metal they will torture everybody with nail guns and once youíre about to die they will rip out your limbs and eat them raw. Hargh! Do you have CDís at home with blast beats on them: dead! Did you listen to neurotic technical stuff: dead! Have you ever had hippie thoughts or did you do some semi intellectual sayings: dead! Corpsechucker, Bonesaw, Meataxe, Juggernaut and Hairybucks are assisted by Paul Speckmann and they will unleash their old school death metal assault upon all of you who isnít true death metal. This is it, the end is near.
Okay. Letís talk more civilized now. From the city of Leiden five veterans who were already active in the Dutch death metal scene (and who try to be not recognized) formed this new band and recorded with "Backyard Butchery" a forty minutes clocking and pure old school death metal album. Heavy, dark, sometimes fast (but no blast beats!), well produced and blessed with great pulp styled artwork and even with well worthy introís and outroís. This "Backyard Butchery" is a good chopping old school death metal album and everybody who can appreciate this kind of music can give this one a try."
Lords Of Metal, Tormentor Erich

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Backyard Butchery
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