Spice And The RJ Band

Shave Your Fear

1. The Lure
2. The Womb
3. No One Told Me
4. Waves We Form
5. I Beg Your Pardon...
6. Bad Account
7. Tonite
8. Where Wild Horses Die
9. Far And Away
10. Don't Turn The Shades
11. Red Fire
12. Walking On Water
13. I'll Take The Blame
14. Toscanelli
15. The Man In The Mirror

Spice And The RJ Band make no secret out of being inspired by stoner rock bands and from the first notes of "Shave Your Fear" the unit sound like a full-fledged 70’s inspired stonerrock outfit. Compared to the predecessor the expression of Spice And The RJ Band has become a bit more metallic and harsher on the first couple of tracks, but nothing that makes the band sound like they deviate in a big degree from their previous release.
After having heard a couple of the tracks on "Shave Your Fear" you know what you’ll be getting for the rest of the album, and that’s a bit too obvious, when you listen to this album. Furthermore I also have to deduct points from the grading due to the shameless rip off of “Change of Heart” (Tom Petty)] on “No One Told Me”.
The similarities are simply too obvious to ignore and I can’t believe somebody haven’t noticed it in the process of making this album. “Bad Account” is another example of ‘obvious inspiration’ as the opening riff has more than a few similarities with Misfits “Helena” and overall the original ideas on this release happen to be as common as fish with fur.
I don’t mind bands being inspired by more classic virtues, yet when there are hardly any forward-looking aspects on "Shave Your Fear", the embracing of the good ol’ times quickly becomes a tiresome affair.

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Shave Your Fear
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