Grand Magus

Hammer Of The North

1. I, The Jury
2. Hammer Of The North
3. Black Sails
4. Mountains Be My Throne
5. Northern Star
6. The Lord Of Lies
7. At Midnight They'll Get Wise
8. Bond Of Blood
9. Savage Tales
10. Ravens Guide Our Way
11. Hammer Of The North (Video)
12. At Midnight They'll Get Wise (Video)
13. Behind The Scenes
14. Track By Track
15. Private Talk

"The Swedish Grand Magus has recently changed stables from the acclaimed Rise Above Records to Roadrunner Records. More importantly, the threesome prevail in their shift from doom metal to more traditional heavy metal, a trend that started on "Wolf’s Return" and "Iron Will", and gets to a highpoint on this "Hammer Of The North". Even so much that many of the tracks would be a welcome addition to the newest records of a Judas Priest (just listen to "Savage Tales"), Iron Maiden or any nowadays power metal band from Germany."
"The entire theme on the album tells of the rich and infamous Viking history of Sweden, but the harshness and hardness of that existence is not something I find on this record. Too civilized, tame, safe as a choice can be. Even JB’s voice lost its rough edges, something I appreciated on the previous "Iron Will". That however does not mean that this record disappoints. The strong songs with pure sing-along metal tracks like "Black Sails" and "Bond Of Blood" and the tight rock en roll level and great production of "At Midnight They’ll Get Wise", are something to watch out for. "Hammer Of The North" is an amusing album, but misses the spark that put the two previous releases of Grand Magus in flames."

CD album + DVD

Hammer Of The North
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