Kingdom Of Sorrow

Kingdom Of Sorrow

1. Hear This Prayer For Her
2. Grieve A Lifetime
3. Piece It All Back Together
4. Lead Into Demise
5. Demon Eyes (Demonized)
6. With Unspoken Words
7. Free The Fallen
8. Screaming Into The Sky
9. Lead The Ghosts Astray
10. Begging For The Truth
11. Buried In Black

Kingdom of Sorrow is the new musical spawn of Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta and Down/Crowbar mastermind Kirk Windstein. When people of such a high metal-calibre decide to lock arms and bring us a new product, it makes no sense doubting the high quality of such an initiative. Of course, the same goes for Kingdom of Sorrow.
Imagining what the eleven songs represented on "Kingdom of Sorrow" will sound like is not a difficult task to achieve. Nevertheless, subdividing this record under ‘metalcore’ was something I did with a slight pain in the heart. It just simply doesn’t work that way when riffmeister Kirk Windstein is responsible for the majority of the compositions. The term ‘sludgecore’ is rather popular under my writing-colleagues, but the brutal breakdowns and freaked-out uptempo sections, together with Jasta’s furious vocal achievement, inevitably push the music towards Hatebreed-related metalcore. The best thing about this record is that Jamey and Kirk decided to split the vocal duties between them, which results in a prevention of Jasta’s mighty and recognisable voice putting a trademark on "Kingdom of Sorrow". I have to admit, however, that the vocal timbre of these two gentlemen differs in such a way, that Kirk’s vocal sections pound a bit less heavy though your soundsystem. Anti-climax is absolutely the wrong term, but I think you know where I am getting at.
I don’t think these gents will address a mega-crowd with this album, it quite simply misses an individual aspect, but I’m rather sure that fans of Hatebreed and Crowbaw can safely make the purchase. A great record in times of horribly modern musical reign.

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Kingdom Of Sorrow
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