Monster Magnet


1. Hallucination Bomb
2. Bored With Sorcery
3. Dig That Hole
4. Gods And Punks
5. The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby
6. Mastermind
7. 100 Million Miles
8. Perish In Fire
9. Time Machine
10. When The Planes Fall From The Sky
11. Ghost Story
12. All Outta Nothin
13. Watch Me Fade (Bonus Track)
14. Fuzz Pig (Bonus Track)

Strictly limited deluxe boxset including digibook with 2 bonus tracks & USB stick featuring Dave Wyndorf interview (August 2010), wallpapers, ringtones, & much more!

"As "Mastermind" unspools to reveal one top-notch rocker after another, itís clear Monster Magnet has morphed from a stoner rock band into a finely tuned, greasy and dirty American hard rock unit. The 70s vibe is still there but it isnít always the defining characteristic it once was. This time out Mr. Wyndorf has really nailed that perfect balance between the older 70s worship and straight-up, no bullshit hard rock and everything about this album feels rejuvenated, hungry and pissed off."
All That Is Heavy, Steel Druhm

CD album (Deluxe Edition)

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