Dead Man


1. Today
2. High Or Low
3. Footsteps
4. I Must Be Blind
5. From A Window
6. Light Vast Corridors
7. The Wheel
8. Rest In Peace
9. A Pinch Of Salt
10. Euphoria
11. July

To simply call Dead Man a retro-rock band is honestly not that accurate. Yes, there are plenty of moments where you'll hear that warm, familiar proto-doom guitar tone in the riffing and soloing, but Dead Man pull a wealth of intriguing cards from their sleeve to really help stamp a unique footprint in this now well-traveled path; and that footprint is swirled and surrounded by a mood that's chiefly breezy and blithe, thanks to Dead Man's copious use of feel-good folk. Dead Man take that jaunty, sunny folk and build it around a structure that's more focused towards psych/prog/doom-rock, which makes the formula work much better for me, and gives Dead Man a pretty unique sound when compared to their Swedish peers (eg Witchcraft, Burning Saviours and Graveyard).
"Euphoria" will be an essential part of my rotation as the carefree days of summer approach. Every tune presented is strong enough to stand on its own, and the production is clear enough to pick out a wealth of enjoyable nuances as this fine work slowly begins to set root in your marrow. Be careful, though, your girlfriend/wife/significant other might begin to realize there's a softer side to you if you crank this album as much as I have the last couple weeks. I admit I'm pretty addicted. BUT, I can assure you, I will still never -- even after 10,000 years and 10,000 beers -- be caught sporting sandals of any sort and kicking a hacky sack around with my "bro's" in a park. That shit's strictly for the hippies. "Euphoria", on the other hand, is something we can definitely agree on. It ain't metal, but I highly recommend it.

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