On A Pale Horse

Black Is Not The Darkest Colour

1. Come On
2. The Day Has Come
3. Steps
4. The Flood
5. Eagle Of The Mountain
6. Meadows
7. Won’t Go
8. Break The Bread
9. Eight Directions Eight Dimensions
10. The Darkest Colour

“Black Is Not The Darkest Colour” is a record that really needs to be cranked to appreciate its true glory. Though the majority of tunes on this record are mid-paced rockers, On A Pale Horse isn’t afraid to throw it in first gear and creep along with a slow ugly, but decidedly tasty Sabbathesque groove. If you enjoy bands like Floodgate, Alabama Thunder Pussy, Halfway to Gone, and Corrosion of Conformity, you will love this record.

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Black Is Not The Darkest Colour
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