Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra

If Light Can't Save Us I Know Darkness Will

1. If Bars Could Bend
2. I'm A Dog But You're A Hound
3. The Silence Is Far Too Loud
4. The Monster By Your Side
5. It's Not Safe
6. Little Man
7. Free Enterprise
8. Both Of Us
9. Left To Life Abide
10. Mentally Insane
11. Sad World

"If Light Can't Save Us I Know Darkness Will" is a pessimist's wet dream, replete with references to failed mental states, insecurities, regret, broken promises, futility, and plain old misery. And yet musically, you'd never tell. Sure, there's an undercurrent of sorrow here and there, but more often than not the band's too peppy to be anything but uplifting. It's a neat trick, one that's almost as subtle as the layering going on in the songs. Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra has always been more about composition and nuance than competing with the beer drinkers and hell raisers of the world. And with "If Light Can't Save Us I Know Darkness Will", you're in for a real treat. The band makes use of every instrument, with multiple guitar parts weaving in and out on top of a solid yet extremely fluid rhythm section. Assemble together, it's thoughtful, intricate music that's forward moving enough to still rock."

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If Light Can't Save Us I Know Darkness Will
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