Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra

Morbyn Outtakes

1. In Front Of You All
2. A Dirty Thing
3. I Do My Best
4. Expectations

"After raising the stakes with their mighty fine debut on Freebird Records in 2004, Tia & Co. must have thought that 2 years without any new product is a little long so they released this EP to make the waiting for their fans a wee bit more comfortable.
And I have to say, if this 4-track is the standard for the second coming we will no doubt have a strong album on our hands. These Swedish gentlemen still play a laidback version of the bluesy dry hard rock that made "Master Of Reality"- and to a lot lesser extent "The Bogeymen"-famous.
This will not be to everybody’s liking at first listen, but hang in there and you’ll find some real gems sticking to your ears after a while. People that like aforementioned bands should definitely give this a spin."


Morbyn Outtakes
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