Speeder People

1. Red Glow
2. Grifter
3. Cold Hearted Guys Like Us Like it Loud!
4. Lipstick Traces
5. Six Pack
6. Lonely Woman
7. Godeater!
8. Rocket Science
9. Hot Chick
10. Orbital Relay
11. Red 'Uns Go Fasta!
12. Submission
13. Quadrant El 6500/It's Monster Surfin' Time

"Ok, toss everything you know away. Here at Lords Of Metal we have instructions to prevent total musical chaos breaking out. One of those instructions is: “Sometimes it happens that a band mixes up styles in a way, it becomes impossible to tag it.” We call that different metal. Well, this "Speeder People" of Astrosoniq is just that.
The band from Oss is also known as the Wizards Of Oss and with this album they totally live up to that name. Damn’, this is unbelievable good. Toss bands like Hawkwind, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Hypnos 69, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Queens Of The Stone Age and Pink Floyd into a blender and you’ll get an idea of what these Dutch are doing. On "Speeder People" the band doesn’t shy away from an experiment. The result is a musical journey into a humid jungle in which magnificent views and rugged passages take turns. You’re just overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of this masterpiece. Masterpiece? Yes, calling this anything else than a masterpiece would be selling Astrosoniq short. Suburban Records found a jewel among rocks with this band. Absolute highlights are the CCR-esque "Orbital Relay", the stoner track "Grifter", the plump and rugged "Cold Hearted Guys, Like Us, Like It Loud!" and the blistering "Rocket Science". Are there no minor points? No, to be honest, there aren’t. The production is top-notch, the tracks keep me focused at all times and with a closing track like the rollercoaster "Quadrant EL6500/It’s Monster Surfin’ Time", the band scores a big, fat, well deserved 91 points!"
Lords Of Metal, Frank D.

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Speeder People
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