Well Of Souls

Well Of Souls

1. The Realms Of Reverie
2. Pain Of Loss
3. Soulless
Black Reign
4. Pt. 1 The Dawn Of Antiquity
5. Pt. 2 The Fall Of Eternal Night
6. Pt. 3 The Eulogy

Well Of Souls are definitely serious business when it comes to doom. Itís about long songs, crunchy guitars back to back with beautiful little clean acoustic style interludes. Vocals are pretty melodic and have lots of overdubbed parts that are sometimes right on top of the melody, at other times harmonies. Fans of Messiah era Candlemass will definitely get a kick out of the crunchy doubling guitar styles. Overall this is progressive doom with lots of parts, stories and concepts. For the serious doom listeners, early Judas Priest meets Candlemass crossed with JR Tolkien.

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Well Of Souls
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