Paso Inferior

1. Paso Inferior Part I
2. Paso Inferior Part II

Super heavy, slow (and I mean fucking slow) guitars, and awesome low grunt vocals. It starts off in a strange fashion with feedback fading in, followed by a few weird echoey hits on a snare, then that stops, and the REAL intro starts up. A slow hypnotic riff rises up slowly, with feedback looming quietly in the background, then here come the vocals. This guy has one of the best growls I've heard in my life. It is angry as hell, and spews with a seemingly endless snarling of absolute anger that achieves an almost frightening level of total hate.
The song continues on its slow progression, the riff adjusting itself periodically, like a paraplegic snake making its way across a field of broken bottles, the drums follow suit, beating out their snail-paced rhythm. It is quite an accomplishment to have a song like this that isn't boring, but these guys are successful in keeping it interesting. It's the hypnotic nature of this song that really makes it so great, it sends you into a trance, where you can't escape the wall of total aggravation. These guys just fucking pummel you with sluggish riffs and growls that offer no continuous pattern for you to hang on to. No shelter from the storm. Your disdain for humanity can no longer hide itself, for there is something that knows it as you do, and it's name is Corrupted. Recommended to fans of Grief and similar bands.

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Paso Inferior
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