Acid Witch

Witchtanic Hellucinations

1. Intro
2. Into The Cave
3. Swamp Spells
4. Witchblood Cult
5. The Black Witch
6. Witchtanic Hellucinations
7. Beastly Brew
8. Cauldron Cave
9. Rabid Werewitch
10. Realm Of The Wicked
11. Witches Tits
12. Broomstick Bitch
13. October 31st

"Razorback Records released Acid Witch's debut in 2008 on CD, but since this album hasn't been reviewed and the band released a vinyl version by themselves I review it now anyway."
"The band consisting of the Americans Slasher Dave and Shagrat and the Finn Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace, Claws and Vacant Coffin i.e.) deliver a 'strange' dose of music. In fact the songs are pretty much straight-forward doom metal that composition-wise is very much along the lines of bands like Black Sabbath and Witchfinder General, but due to the death metal vibe and the grunted vocals it sounds quite eerie. The solos, that are reminiscent to the sound Bathory used, and the use of organs make Acid Witch a standout combo. Also the horror lyrics make this a band that despite the influences comes across as a quite original act."
Lords Of Metal, Pim B.

LP album

Witchtanic Hellucinations
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