Black Prism

Satan's Country

1. Satan's Country
2. Yrtnuo'c S'natas

"There's no real argument here that Black Prism have arrived to well and truly rock the five Killer Bs: Beer, Beards, Bikes, Broads and Black Sabbath. This brand new, reverb-toting, LA mob wears their influences not just on their sleeves, but up their armpits, on their bandanas and most likely all wore Ozzy-branded underwear to record this debut 7” vinyl. Citing the inspirations of the ever-present Sabbs alongside the more modern retroisms of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats and Kadavar, you’re surely already 50% of the way towards knowing exactly how these bruisers shake down."
"This is fun, foot-stomping, boogielicious doom akin to Witchfinder General gate-crashing a debauched house-party, riding their choppers through the fence, downing the keg in one gulp and blowing up the family stereo. The title track, complete with a video crammed to the brim with grainy images of nude, pentagramic romps and bizarre devil-worshipping rituals, cruises through a field of '70s-soaked riffs and glass-bending vocal lines, lynching every bemused bystander in its path. There's no threat here, nothing truly sinister, just good, loud, crucifix-hurling good times and a genuinely well-honed production quality ensures it sounds legit enough throughout.
B-side "Yrtnuoc S’Natas" (I'll give you five seconds to realise what that spells backwards) is essentially the entire track in reverse and aside from a jerkier feel to the central riff, it stands alone as its own acid-baked entity reasonably well."
All That Is Heavy, Pete Green

7 inch (Color)

Satan's Country
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