Eternal Elysium

Mysterious Views In Stone Garden

1. Shadowed Flower
2. Northern Smile
3. Absent Pain
4. Views On C#
a) Puzzles
b) Incognito And Bewildered
c) Transformation

Hailing from way across the globe, the majestic land of the rising sun, more exactly Nagoya, Japan, are Eternal Elysium. “Shadowed Flower” has an entrancing mid tempo to it that’s marred by what sounds like two or three carpets of guitars. The vocals are great; classic in its clarity, they approximate the pitch of a Mike Patton circa the time when he actually sung and wasn’t that concerned with mere fuckery. The wah-wah heavy solo jams because it goes so long, because it strips the song to its bare essentials and because it informs the uninformed listener that Eternal Elysium are not necessarily influenced by the doom acts of today. No sir, these dudes revere to history. They bow to it, and to prove it they have filled this song with stylish solos.
And if you thought blues could only be made by Americans, think again dumb ass. “Northern Smile” has more soul than three Kenny Wayne Shepards in their blonde mane. Sure, this trio only keeps it up for a few second before shifting to a more elaborate version of boogey rock, gone sad doom and reverted back to boogey, but damn I am impressed. This 10” is rounded by two more songs, “Absent Pain” and “Views on A) B) C)” both which display the band’s penchant for jamming and epic songwriting. The latter, like its oblique title shows, rocks out in space ways the only way it knows, the right way.

10 inch

Mysterious Views In Stone Garden
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