White Witch Canyon

White Witch Canyon

1. The Witch
2. Escape Pod
3. Thirty Three And One Third
4. Four Star Heretic
5. Parasitic Stray
6. Boom Goes The Dynamite
7. Sell Your Soul
8. Ancient Android
9. Hidden Track

Ex-Greenhouse Effect singer/guitarist Eric `Lando` Hagen formed White Witch Canyon in 07 and released their self-titled debut in 08. From the way the stun-guitar of "The Witch" kicks in, it doesn`t leave much doubt that White Witch Canyon are anything but unexpurgated Stoner Rock. There`s no `Post` anything here - it`s overloaded low-end, pedal-powered distortion in both riff and solo and Lando waxing prolific on getting high with witches, androids and broke-down starships. It`s no-think heavy rock n` roll that doesn`t pretend to be anything else. It`s cool that the band mention The Beatles (among others) in the `Thanks` section - not just because I happen to think The Beatles were brilliant, but because Lando and band have a subtle, barely discernable way of including catchy choruses into their songs "Boom Goes The Dynamite", "Parasitic Stray" and "The Witch" all have this in some fashion. These subtle pop sensibilities in no way interfere with the band`s more adventurous choices to jam and in several cases but most notably in the opening of "Thirty Three And One Third", knock the living shit out of things. This was a nice ray of heavy rockin` sunshine to experience given what I usually listen to and the current incredibly fucked-up state of things on the globe. It makes me nostalgic for the late 90s, early 00s when the stoner rock dinosaur ruled my CD player and I had money to spend. White Witch Canyon is definitely escapist fare, but it rocks, rolls and grooves like a mutha.
By Chris Barnes (hellridemusic.com)

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White Witch Canyon
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