The Maniacal Vale

1. Circle
2. Beneath This Face
3. Quickening
4. Caucus Of Mind
5. Silence
6. The Order Of Destiny
7. Ignotum Per Ignotius

"The UKís Esoteric have crafted a monolithic and disturbing work of art with "The Maniacal Vale". Iíd be hard pressed to name another album that rivals its sheer density, its suffocating power and despairing atmosphere. The sound here is quintessentially doom metal, with plodding guitars that scream and echo over unintelligible growls and slow, crashing percussion. Arpeggio riffs and ambient passages also lead to some psychedelic moments, adding to the expansive, swirling torrents of sound. The song structures themselves donít vary too drastically, but they do contain clear movements that go through peaks and valleys, making "The Maniacal Vale" a captivating albiet exhausting journey. As an exercise in cathartic release, "The Maniacal Vale" is masterful in its execution. While some of its sections could have used some more direction and streamlining, its excessive qualities are part and parcel to Esotericís singular, uncompromising vision. Let it wash over you."

3LP album

The Maniacal Vale
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