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Thousand Days Of Yesterdays - A Tribute To Captain Beyond

1. Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) (Pentagram)
2. Armworth (Rise And Shine)
3. Myopic Void (Standarte)
4. Mesmerization Eclipse (Lotus w/ Brian Robertson)
5. Raging River Of Fear (Flower Kings)
6. Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come And Gone) (Five Fifteen w/ Nik Turner)
7. Frozen Over (The Quill)
8. I Can't Feel Nothing (Part I) (Locomotive Breath)
9. As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea) (Zello)
10. Astral Lady (Zello)
11. As The Moon Speaks (Return) (Zello)
12. I Can't Feel Nothing (Part II) (Locomotive Breath)
13. Starglow Energy (Orchid Leaves) (Bonus Track)
14. Sweet Dreams (ZoomlenZ w/ Willie Daffern) (Bonus Track)
15. Dansar Galet Bakåt (Dancing Madly Backwards with Swedish Lyrics) (Qoph) (Bonus Track)
16. Förtrollande Förmörkelse (Mesmerization Eclipse with Swedish Lyrics) (Abramis Brama) (Bonus Track)

In 1972, Captain Beyond released their classic first album. The band featured ex Deep Purple singer Rod Evans, Rhino and Lee Dorman from Iron Butterfly and Bobby Caldwell from the Johnny Winter Band. A shortlived lineup, but they created one of the top hardrock albums of all times. This tribute CD is based entirely on this, with some additional bonustracks.

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Thousand Days Of Yesterdays - A Tribute To Captain Beyond
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