Various Artists

...And Back To Earth Again: Ten Years Of MeteorCity

1. Whistle Pig (Solace)
2. Simsalabim (The Mushroom River Band)
3. STD (The Atomic Bitchwax)
4. Wet Pussycat (Unida)
5. Convoy V (Lowrider)
6. Would I Make You Believe (Blind Dog)
7. From Mars (Dozer)
8. Heavy Birth/2-Fisted (Solace)
9. Between Grace & Delusion (Village Of Dead Roads)
10. Lameneshma (Lowrider)
11. Thanks Anyway (Black Nasa)
12. Fall Of Icarus (Nebula)
13. Dove-Tongued Aggressor (Spirit Caravan)
14. The Prophecy (Solstice)
15. Beggars Grinning (Slaprocket)
16. Delta Alba Plex (Unida)
17. The Destroyer (The Atomic Bitchwax)
18. W.T.G.B. (Eternal Elysium)
19. Don’t Ask Me Where I Stand (Blind Dog)
20. Murders In The Rue Morgue (Cosmosquad)
21. Five Points (The Hidden Hand)
22. Shivaree (Lowrider)
23. In My Sadness (Las Cruces)
24. Latitude (Spiritu)
25. Serenade (I Are Droid)
26. No Hope Goat Farm (Spirit Caravan)
27. Last Place Champs (The Ribeye Brothers)
28. Texas, Pt. 1 & 2 (Lowrider)
29. In Search Of (The) (Truckfighters)
30. Once Around The Sun (Solace)
31. Re-Alignment/Higher Power (Spirit Caravan)
32. Full Throttle (Nebula)
33. Objects Of Desire (Spiritu)
34. They, The Tyrants (Abdullah)
35. Blend (Blind Dog)
36. Red Colony (Sixty Watt Shaman)
37. Reaching Out (Orquesta Del Desierto)
38. 29’ 2 ˝” (The Mushroom River Band)
39. Blind Albino (Village Of Dead Roads)
40. Man Dog (Solace)
41. Beyond My Reach (Blind Dog)
42. Shotgun (7Zuma7)
43. The Seed (Slaprocket)
44. The Last Embrace (Spirit Caravan)
45. Upon The Dune (Lowrider)

Celebrating ten years of riff-rock and stoner-metal, “...And Back to Earth Again: Ten Years of MeteorCity” is a three-CD retrospective from MeteorCity's founders as they prepare to depart the label. The oversize custom package contains forty-five fully remastered tracks, including previously out-of-print material and a few new surprises, along with extensive liner notes and rare photos commemorating MeteorCity's first decade at the forefront of the heavy rock underground.

3CD box set

...And Back To Earth Again: Ten Years Of MeteorCity
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