Various Artists

Burn The Street Volume Three

1. University Of Texas Militia (Disengage)
2. Cowboys Suck (Hermano)
3. She's A Prostitute (Milligram)
4. Coming Closer (Sparzanza)
5. Hey Boy (You Don't Make A Man) (Sunride)
6. Embracing The Eyesore (Chum)
7. Bring Out The Dead (The Awesome Machine)
8. Bee Queen (Devillac)
9. Trailblazer (Magnified Eye)
10. More (Nebula)
11. Golden Arms (Greatdayforup)
12. Deep Down (Duster 69)
13. A Matter Of Time (Dozer)
14. Nothing Good (Sergej The Freak)
15. Senorita (Lookout) (The Chuck Norris Experiment)
16. Keep it Gangsta (Sissies)
17. Endless Room (Mount Caravan)
18. Brand New Eyes (Hell 'n Diesel)
19. King Sonic (Spoiler)
20. Dreams Of Slaves (Sub Second Rocket)
21. Turbin Turbine (Astroqueen)

"Burn the Street Volume Three" is a high end, professional mix CD for friends, with friends being fans of the genre. There were actually a surprising amount of new bands on here and they show the variety within the stoner rock genre.

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Burn The Street Volume Three
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