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We had so many links, that we put them on separate pages. We hope you can find your way through them a bit more easily. Well that's what links are for, not?

The bands

Not only the bands that Freebird released albums or EPs by, but also the whole lot that ever appeared on any of our compilation discs.

The labels

All those labels that we have in mail order, and / or distribution in the Netherlands & Belgium are linked from here. This page is being revised still, so it's not the complete overview yet and there still might be some outdated links. But anyway...

Other bands

Believe it or not, but we listen to more bands than just our own stuff. In order to avoid having to make a selection, we just gave you the complete list. We use it quite a lot ourselves.

Other cool links

We're bringing together all those cool zines, internet radio stations and other cyberspace dedicated to heavy groove rock. This will include links to the real world as well, like street press, radio stations, record stores, music gear, guitar stores, the whole enchilladas. But not just yet...  

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New releases

2LP album
€ 27,99
Future Primitive
"Future Primitive"
LP album (Purple)
€ 18,99
Satan Worshipping Doom
"Satan Worshipping Doom"
2LP album (Black)
€ 39,99
Death Magic Doom
"Death Magic Doom"
LP album + 7 inch
€ 25,99
The Sword
2LP album
€ 26,99