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We like to keep in touch with the people that we cater for. Therefore, we don't have the anonymous store design that most mail orders use. We're a specialty store, so we're not afraid to go look for things that we don't have yet. Customers can tell us perfectly where to look for as well. So, for any questions on how to order, availability or special requests, Marcel is your man.


If you have a self released CD or vinyl that you would like to see included in the Freebird Mail Order, please send it to our Dutch office. We might even be interested in distributing it in particular territories. But remember, Freebird Mail Order is a specialty store, so we're only looking for the tip of the iceberg, the creme-de-la-creme, those grooves that knock us out of our socks...


If you have a CD or vinyl release that needs distribution in The Netherlands and Belgium, please send it to our Dutch office. Apart from our own releases, we occassionally pick up stuff that we really believe in.

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New releases

2LP album
€ 27,99
Future Primitive
"Future Primitive"
LP album (Purple)
€ 18,99
Satan Worshipping Doom
"Satan Worshipping Doom"
2LP album (Black)
€ 39,99
Death Magic Doom
"Death Magic Doom"
LP album + 7 inch
€ 25,99
The Sword
2LP album
€ 26,99