The Devil's Blood

The Time Of No Time Evermore

1. The Time Of No Time
2. Evermore
3. I'll Be your Ghost
4. The Yonder Beckons
5. House Of Ten Thousand Voices
6. Christ Or Cocaine
7. Queen Of My Burning Heart
8. Angel's Prayer
9. Feeding The Fire With Tears And Blood
10. Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament
11. The Anti Kosmik Magick

"Those who enjoyed the tantalizing taster that was "Come Reap", will feast on "The Time Of No Time Evermore". There is no progression. No new tricks. Just more of the same. Which is exactly what we wanted, as that EP left us craving for more sound-alikes we are now regaled with eleven songs of fantastic vocals – at times so layered they surely can’t be properly replicated in a live setting, brilliant guitar playing, subliminal psychedelia, melodically gifted tunes and that spooky aura that makes the wicked and satanic seem charming and almost normal. This full-length delivers and proves that "Come Reap" was not a lucky strike. The band keeps the tunes short, goes light on the heavy, absent on the straight up metal, but carefully accents the songs with choruses worthy of an Abba record and a range of escalating solos that owes a check to Buck Dharma. "The Time Of No Time Evermore" is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and to yours truly, one of the most anticipated records of the year."
All That Is Heavy, Deaf Sparrow

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The Time Of No Time Evermore
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