Necrophilia Mon Amour

1. Inside Teradome
2. Neon Black Stronghold
3. Treblinka
4. Necrophilia Mon Amour
5. In Flagrante Delicto
6. Lues
7. Magnificat, My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
8. Samedii
9. Hang ĎEm High On Holocaust Stakes Of Frozen Methane
10. Dellamorte Dellamore

Their second release is the first on UHBW. With their sound filled with brute force, they can comete easily with the biggest names in black metal and come out on top. This first pressing comes in a unique gatefold design digipack sleeve!

The long awaited follow up of their debut album "Baneful Stealth Desire" was originally supposed to be released in early 2004, but due to censorship problems and problems with their former label (that went out of business) it took the Dutch deathstars from Xenomorph about eighteen months longer to get this record out in the market. "Necrophilia Mon Amour" was recorded in the Excess Studios in Rotterdam in the Fall of 2003, so the material on this new release is not that new anymore, but anyway, this is their long awaited second release. Their debut album from 2001 received great critics everywhere and got the band on a European tour with their former labelmates Master, Krabathor and Trauma. With "Necrophilia Mon Amour" Xenomorph have once again recorded a masterful death metal album. As with their debut album, it cannot be denied that these guys are influenced by mighty Immortal, even though they have created their own sound mixing death metal with black metal. The ten tracks on this fourty minute inferno are well composed, well thought out and it is definitely not a punishment to sit the whole album out. On their website the band claims to deliver a groundbreaking release with this new album. Well, I have to say that Xenomorph indeed have recorded a highly enjoyable death metal album European style, but I certainly donít agree with the groundbreaking part. The production of the album sounds a little dry, certainly when compared to Immortalís last few releases, but I am sure that has everything to do with the difference in recording budget. Other than that, I think "Necrophilia Mon Amour" is a cool album and if youíre not familiar with Xenomorph, they are absolutely worth checking out!

CD album (digipack)

Necrophilia Mon Amour
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