B.son (Black Son Of Nexus)

Microbarome Meetings

1. Microbarome a
2. Microbarome b
3. Microbarome c
4. Microbarome d

If you're a band who loves riffs so slow they could slay any dragon, drums so insanely heavy they could summon any evil spirit, basslines and vocals that could cut through any light and strong soul, spanning over a full length and a split release, where do you go from there? Most bands would do the most obvious, and do the same thing over again, maybe a bit watered down and with a bit less soul. But not B.son... With this fantastic double LP, they show you how things could and should be done. This time around they take all their insanity and wrath one step further. More drone, less drums. More ambient and eerie soundscapes, less riffs. More noise and wretched emotion, less predictable songs. It is dark, mind blowing and at times hypnotizing. One orange and one red vinyl, wonderfully packaged in a thick gatefold cover (even printed on the inside). This is an hour-long through all imaginable evil and twisted madness. If you let B.son drag you down into this black bottomless pit, that is Microbarome Meetings, you will never be the same again.

2LP album

Microbarome Meetings
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