Sixteen Tons

1. Bull
2. Potbelly
3. Time Served
4. Dummy
5. #3
6. Woe's Me
7. Buzz
8. Lines
9. Riff
10. Kira May

"Weedeater is a heavy ass southern 3 piece dirge rock band with ex Buzzoven Bassist Dixie Dave fronting the outfit with his blood thinning vocals that even the guys in Neurosis could be jealous of. The riffs on this record are thick and slow with big fat grooves...the same kind of big fat grooves that long board surfers look for in waves. One riff is all that it takes sometimes. If you have heard the album that Weedeater did before this one called "And Justice For Y'All" then you know what I mean. This new record is that ten fold."
All That Is Heavy, Rob Wrong

LP album (Green)

Sixteen Tons
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