1. Aeons
2. Ether
3. Catharsis

"Fuck yeah! 3 songs... just under 50 minutes. If you haven't heard Yob, now is a good time. It's heavy driving doom that slays and punishes the whole time. Those that have seen or heard Yob only know the kind of heaviness they possess. Mike's vocals are incredible - the high range and the vibrato sends across a message that is a fine spot between King Buzzo and Rob Halford with a twist of hardcore growls Mike Patton style. Great long intro and simple clean guitars... then it breaks out of nowhere with heaviness. It pummels your brain into mush while your fists and head will bang without missing a beat. It gives you the sort of impact "Jerusalem" does, but way more extremities. Check out the latest from Yob - fans of hard rock, metal, and doom will dig it. Get it if you like all that is heavy - Sleep, Melvins, and High on Fire. I can't stop listening to Yob over and over."
All That Is Heavy, Rob Wrong

LP album (Splatter)

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