The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere

1. Goddamn Lights
2. The Bat
3. 9
4. Rodeo With Snakes
5. Medium (Video Edit)
6. Rock 'n' Roll Bastard (Bonus Track)
7. Feel The Fire Pt1
8. Feel The Fire Pt2
9. The Wheel
10. Angels Of Cross

"The lost sons of Zatokrev are back! It has been five years since "Bury The Ashes" came out, a wonderful adventurous postmetal record that at least for a short while placed these Swiss musicians in the lime light as a new promise for the genre. Unfortunately nothing major happened afterwards, and to be honest I had almost forgotten all about them when suddenly they showed up here with this new album on Candlelight. It's good to hear that Zatokrev fulfilled their promise with style. For "The Bat, The Wheel, And A Long Road To Nowhere" is a monster record in the most positive sense of the word. It's a nine-headed Hydra; every time you think you have nailed the music you'll discover new elements. It's a monster in length as well, for which band other than Baroness even considers releasing albums lasting over seventy-four minutes these days? Zatokrev does, a band that never really felt comfortable with the Neur-Isis label they got tagged with. This time again they have tried everything in their grasp to escape easy labelling . Alright, the foundations consist of mid-tempo, modern doom, but within that framework everything seems possible. Within the songs that often cross the eight minute barrier we can hear influences from Pink Floyd to Breach, and from Southern rock to dark hardcore. A strong identifier can be found in the lead solos that are given much room to wail around. They make a sharp contrast with the heavier parts in which riffs and Frederyk Rotter's manic vocals are crucial. A personal highlight is "Rodeo With Snakes", with an awesome Southern steel-guitar lead. It's the highlight on a comeback record by one of the most adventurous and bold postmetal bands of this moment. Welcome back Zatokrev!"
Lords Of Metal, Jasper

2LP album

The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere
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