1. Moonhorse
2. Pandora's Egg
3. Avatarium
4. Boneflower
5. Bird Of Prey
6. Tides Of Telepathy
7. Lady In The Lamp

"I already was impressed by the first EP "Moonhorse". This first full-length is even better. What a great album. Yes, there are similarities to Krux and Candlemass because of the use of keyboards and the compositions by Leif Edling. After some studying you’ll find some differences too. Jennie-Ann Smith gives the music character with her mesmerizing vocals. But what impresses me most are the guitar parts by Marcus Jidell. He plays his guitar with precision and feeling and that is what the music needs. Whether it is a heavy chord pattern, an acoustic part or an intense solo, he always hits the right spot. Just listen to this album with a pair of headphones on and you'll get my point. Of course the album wouldn't be as great as it is without drummer Lars Skid and keyboardist Carl Westholm. The album is varied and contains heavier songs like "Pandoras Egg" but also more tranquil parts, which can be heard in the closing "Lady In The Lamp". You definitely have to give "Avatarium" a listen as this is amongst the best 2013 has to deliver."
Lords Of Metal, Pim Blankenstein

2LP album

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