Into Darkness

1. Oppression Freedom
2. Oppression (Reprise)
3. Servants Of The Warsmen
4. Goden
5. Eternal Frost
6. Power And Might
7. Destiny
8. Into Darkness

"Featuring John Alman (bass/vocals), Stephen Flam (guitar), and Joe Gonclaves (drums), the trio offered up excruciatingly slow and heavy dirges, with Alman's growling vocals (which at times are a dead ringer for Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, but with a certain death metal slant to them). The pace and tempo of tracks are so slow and grueling, you'd half expect them to be a perfect soundtrack to some drawn out funeral march, fueled by ponderous drum work and massive waves of simple yet heavy, droning guitar riffs. If spooky underground doom is your thing, give this little known classic from a couple of guys from New York a try."
StonerRock, Pete Pardo

2LP album

Into Darkness
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