Future Primitive

1. Blizzards Of Gain
2. Ride The Tide
3. You Blues, You Lose
4. Reelin' In The Wasted Years
5. Stabbed On The Throne
6. Haunt Me No Longer
7. Reap The Sown
8. Ashes In The West
9. Vultures At Bay
10. Bailiff's Blues

Limited to 100 copies.

"This is the debut album of this Dutch band. If I must believe their bio the band has already booked some reasonable successes, because they have shared the stage with, for example, Herder, but also with international acts like Karma To Burn. In 2012 released a four-track EP that was well received, but now they come with their full-length debut album. First of all I would like to mention that I really love the cover art. This good start is followed with cool grooving stoner rock with a real nice sound. Trying to sit still while playing this sucker is a real challenge. It’s real good fodder for the stoner fans, but also metalheads, skaters and and surfdudes probably will enjoy this. The claim to be influenced by the likes of Goatsnake, Fu Manchu, Alice in Chains, Danzig and Clutch. Sometimes I guess they’re right, and sometimes they’re not, and sometimes I can feel a vibe that goes straight back to Death Alley. So in short: this is a fine album from a fine band that with the right kind of promotion can come a long way."
Lords Of Metal, Remco Post

LP album (Purple)

Future Primitive
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