Arc Of Ascent

The Higher Key

1. Celestial Altar
2. Land Of Tides
3. Search Or Liberation
4. Redemption
5. Elemental Kingdom
6. Through The Rays Of Infinity

"I did not know the label but Astral Projection is a record company that hails from New Zealand. Recently they released the debut "Circle Of The Sun" by the as well in kiwi country located Arc Of Ascent. The label saw it fit to prolong the deal and to release their second assault called "The Higher Key". You hardly can believe it, but Arc Of Ascent is a trio that actually regenerates this wall of sound. A trio consisting of multi-instrumentalist Craig Williamson, guitarist Sandy Schaare and drummer John Strange that is able to reproduce a Kyuss vibe none the less! But this Arc Of Ascent takes it a step beyond: just listen to the psychedelic approach in "Search For Liberation" or the extremely infectious and heavy riffs used in "Redemption" or "Land Of Tides". It kind of reminds me to Grand Magus in its heaviest form. The vocals are not the most solid ones in the genre but Craig’s voice fits the music well and at least you can hear he is giving his best in his screams and in his lamentations. "A Higher Key" is an album that gives a home to some classic tracks which will find their way plentiful to my CD player."
Lords Of Metal, Erik

LP album (Orange)

The Higher Key
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