Mass V

1. Dearborn And Buried
2. Boden
3. A Mon Ame
4. Memoire
5. Nowena I 9.10

"If you, dear reader, can wholeheartedly enjoy these dark days, then please do. To some the holidays are indeed all about happiness and warmth. To others they can be a painful reminder of what once was. Hence, in a (not so) peculiar way, Amenra's latest offering is a perfect record for the holidays, as it not so much resonates with this sorrow and loss, but embodies it."
"Amenra's masses have always gone directly for the jugular, but "Mass V" takes it to such a level that "Mass IIII" sounds catchy by comparison. The album's four pieces are longer, slower and simply more massive than ever. To some these songs might come across as monotonous and simple, but the determination and intensity that is palpable in every single second of "Mass V" lends it the depth to really make it crawl under one's skin. Occasionally the violence, the outward motion, is reversed and Amenra deconstruct their music to the very core. These moments of vulnerability, which owe much to the fully acoustic "Afterlife" EP, propel "Mass V" to an even higher level. Additionally, Billy Anderson's massive, gritty production highlights Amenra's potential, tapping into its very essence. It seems this is Amenra's finest moment, at least so far. Everything has come together: their most unrelenting album to date, a stunning production and Neurosis' label to support them. Ironically though, "Mass V" actually even surpasses Neurosis' latest album. By tapping into utter darkness, Amenra do bring some light to these dark days. Truly amazing, especially considering that this is only the CD version, and Amenra tends to be even better on vinyl."
Lords Of Metal, Jasper

2LP album

Mass V
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