1. Stigma
2. Stardog
3. Hellectric
4. Ammonia
5. Nero
6. Destroyer
7. Void
8. Elephantom

""Idolum", isn't perfect, but it comes about as close as I could hope. And it does what all albums should but most fail to accomplish unequivocally reaffirms my love of music. Ufomammut takes the crushing heft of sludge-like doom and coats it with a shimmering gloss of heavy psychedelia. The songs are direct, but swirling around them is a tapestry of sounds. That makes for a dense listen it's impossible to catch everything in one pass. What's new on "Idolum" or at least more obvious is the melody. A closer listen shows that there's more to the band underneath the distorted screams (courtesy of of bassist Urlo) - there's actual singing going on. It's what allows the band to soar so high before diving back down to darkness throughout the album. Does "Idolum" redefine what it means to play heavy music? Possibly there's an emotional complexity that adds depth to their massive wall of sound. It is for certain colossal, unstoppable, and beautiful; a mammoth achievement by the band."
All That Is Heavy, Arzgarth

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