Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood

1. Witch
2. Ochro Ologo
3. Dancing On Your Grave
4. Black Moon
5. Exile
6. Procession Of The Witch

"At first it's difficult to tell if Wolf Blood are being serious on this album. A tormented riff opens the album in try Sabbath style but then descends into some silliness regarding witches replete with whispered vocals. Pure Hammer Horror, by the end of the album all this is put to rest by what is a deeply heavy and dark doom influenced album. It's an album that lulls you into a false sense of recognition and then proceeds to rip apart all theories in how heavy music should sound. By the end you feel like you have been through the mill and back again. Strangely, it leaves you wanting more."

"What is most exciting about Wolf Blood is that they don't just settle with one style of music. After the rather enjoyable, once you slip into their mindset, opening of "Witch" they then proceed to blast out some death metal style riffs for "Ochro Ologo". It's an intense moment, but also one where you realise they have a few tricks up their sleeve as a melody starts to surface and the music widens out. All at no expense to the brutality."

""Dancing On Your Grave" is a blues style Sabbath song that then turns into something way heavier than that band ever did. It's a raucous and unstoppable moment and casts Wolf Blood as merchants of an unimpeachable doom variety. This is then thrown to the wind as they head further down the chasm for "Black Moon" and then "Exile", which does its best to play around with your mind."

"Possibly best, on an album which is one huge highlight, is "Procession Of The Witch" where it returns to doom territory before losing itself several minutes in the middle of a psych fuelled odyssey. The music roars and the melodies wail inducing head nodding and anguished screams from your every orifice. It's the true sound of torment and pain and is utterly delicious."

"Wolf Blood can lay claim to releasing one of the more heavier releases this year but also one that is surprisingly accessible. There are elements of doom, death and psych throughout, but most of all it's the sound of classic metal. It's a blues influenced sound which begs you to try it out and then return again."
Echoes And Dust, Martyn Coppack

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Wolf Blood
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