Los Natas vs Solodolor


1. Sunday Horse (Solodolor)
2. The Battle Of Mocha Poo (Solodolor)
3. La Balada De Solodolor (Solodolor)
4. Gitanoss (Los Natas)

Limited edition of only 1000 copies. Artwork by Malleus. Solodolor features members from Porn, Los Natas and Santoro.

Solodolor is a project that saw the light in 2006 during the production of the Los Natas recording sessions of "El Hombre Montana". Producer Billy Anderson and Natas lead guitarist Sergio Ch. had some free time on their hands and while jamming they invited friends to join them. By the end of the night songs had taken form and after rehearsing a bit, several songs were recorded. This project consists of bassist Billy Anderson (Porn, Blessing The Hogs), guitarist Sergio Ch. (Los Natas, Santoro), drummer Rowek (V8, Rata Blanca, Nativo), and vocalist El Topo (Santoro, Eight Hands For Kali). These guys just wanted to have fun jamming, but what crawled out of their inspiration were some awesome metal tunes inspired by heavy and death metal, loud old school hardcore punk and everything in between that will blast your ears.

Sergio Ch., lead guitarist and head honcho of the Argentinean stoner band Los Natas, talked his good friend El Topo (Santoro, Eight Hands For Kali) into joining him to record some songs. The result is the Los Natas "Ararat sessions", droning cult psychodelic music Toba Trance style with some weird vocals put into them.

10 inch

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